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Care to share what is your 2017 New Years Resolution?

Asked by Pandora (27064points) December 26th, 2016

Well I’ll go first. I’m going to try to say yes more this coming year. What I mean is that I’ve become a little stuck in the mud this year. Often finding to many reasons not to do this or that. So, I’m going to try to let life lead me a little bit more.

Second, I’m going to actually make an appointment for some well over due physicals before my birthday.

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Same as every year. Just try to be a better, wiser person. Ha. It’s a long road with many potholes.

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I’m going to start saying no more and trying to be more in touch with what I want and letting people know I will be less flexible going forward. Maybe I’ll read a book on negotiating.

Lose weight! I know that is almost cliche. My weight is so out of control.

Teach a Zumba class (if I’m still certified).

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@JLeslie Ha, Ha. We have opposite problems. I’m too quick to say no. Which has led to my being stuck in the mud.
@Espiritus_Corvus A worthy endeavor.

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I’m a bit more serious about incremental changes after hitting the 40 yr milestone. I met a couple professional goals, a housing goal, a debt goal and all that I have left is a physical fitness goal to be reached before turning 41. This year will be gym/exercise/diet focused.

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Intensify my anti-americanism, so essentially the same as @Espiritus_Corvus

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To get more educated in certain subjects, get better in school and to solve some long standing problems I’ve been dragging for years now.
Also, to move to the city.

and as always, read more and watch more cartoons

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Save more money to buy that drawing tablet I’ve longed for to start serious drawing.

Also graduate on time.

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The main resolution is the same as it’s been for about the last 15 years – more picnics, more picnics with friends. The definition of picnic is pretty loose – not inside the house, some food, some beverage. If it is too cold for a ‘real’ picnic, drinking a tea / eating a cookie with a friend sitting in a car watching the ice crack… that counts.

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Mine is to clean up this mess, give a lot of clothes to the Salvation Army and begin looking for a housekeeper who doesn’t steal from me! Someone I truly trust. I had two such ladies. One quit and became a nurse; the other quit and went into real estate. The others stole, gave me dirty looks and broke / scratched things. Woe is me!

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@ragingloli Wouldn’t you be better off focusing your energy on problems in your own country that you might do something about and let us focus on ours? What is the point of just constantly spewing out hatred?

I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions per se – I tend to make resolutions on a daily basis. But i want to continue on the path I have been setting for myself – to be a bigger, less snarky person, to give a lot to charities that I support, to be a good and generous friend and mother and to not look for love in the places where I can’t get it. And to work on my insomnia and anxiety issues.

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I’m not sure if I want to make any resolution or not as they are followed for some time and forgotten later. I wish I can follow good health regime and improve my fitness level. Also I wish I can be successful in having a meaningful / lasting relationship that will improve my personal life. Hope you guys are able to achieve what you’re planning to do next year..)

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To quit my sugar addiction, again. haha
Just after I polish off the chocolate covered macadamia nuts, sugar cookies, cashew roca, chocolate covered cherries, Pepperidge Farms Sea salt and caramel and Mint cookies, the Peppermint bark, and Butter Cookies. Man, I was slogged with sweets this year, it’s outta control. I could go forever without most junk food but I am a sugar junkie no doubt.

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Same as every year – my new year’s resolution is to not make new year’s resolutions.

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Last time I made a New Year’s resolution was in 1981, when I resolved to never make any more New Year’s resolutions. And I stuck with it!

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^^ and the resolution was…?

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I was going to resolve not to make any resolutions but that point seems moot now…......

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@Mimishu1995 you can make a darn good drawing table out of a solid core laminate door (should be able to pick up a good used one for a few Dong). You might want to put a vinyl drafting board pad (comes in sheets or rolls) on it but you can get so much more for your money. Solid and heavy. Get the legs right and it doesn’t move at all when you are drawing, painting etc.

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I think she means a graphics tablet, รก la Wacom Cintiq

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@ragingloli Was just about to say that.

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Ah, thanks @ragingloli & @Sneki95 ‘still old school and probably to old to change.

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There is no power greater than that of Lord Control Zed.
that is a Power Rangers reference

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Stay Alive.

That’s really all I’m planning for.

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My resolution is to cycle to Loch Lomond and back at least once before my next birthday and every subsequent birthday.

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@flutherother I have a friend who has a friend whose name is Bonnie Banks. I kid you not.

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I can believe it. I have come across a few odd names in my time. Theresa Green comes to mind.

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Pay off my credit card and eat more broccoli. Stop drinking pop.

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I once saw a wedding announcement for the Butt Sisters. I did!

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@flutherother my grandma had a friend named ‘Ima Cherry.” lol I also knew of a couple that married, ” Larry & Terry Derryberry. haha

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My brother had an English teacher called Pearl Button.

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Worked with a guy named Rusty Surface.

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Was operated on by a surgeon named “Butcher”.

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Oh, I had a dentist named Dr. Payne. haha

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I knew of a Herr Drier.

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@Coloma The head of Palliative Care at Sloan Kettering was a Dr. Payne too.

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I once saw an insurance agent who’s last name was Doom.

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Dick assman died this year. He was a gas station owner in Saskatchewan Canada.

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From TV Tropes:“There is a real tutor named Never Wong in Hong Kong. Just google it.”

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I literally had a therapist named Dr. Hope at one point.

There’s only so much that I want out of my future that I actually have control over right now – I can’t choose whether I stay out of the hospital or keep my health insurance, which are my two big priorities.

I guess I just want to keep seeing my counselor and hopefully make some progress on the goals I’m working on with her – developing self-esteem that isn’t centered around my ability to handle crises, figuring out how to let myself relax and be unproductive without hating myself for it.

I also want to get more involved in real activism beyond shouting on the internet and donating money to causes. I haven’t figured out yet how to find an effective platform, but that’s something I want to do.

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I once knew a Carrie Hall!

Not so much a New Year’s resolution (generally don’t do those) but a motto, given to me by my dearly departed mother:

She always told me that if I saw someone without a smile, I should give them one of mine. It won’t cost anything, and I’ll most likely get one back.

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To go high.

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To boycott and not watch the popular-vote-loser’s inauguration.

Mission accomplished!

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Me too @Brian1946. They’re going “Blah blah blah! They’re talking about empty bleachers! Whatever! I hate the media.” They just don’t get it.

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Didn’t watch, won’t read, am determined to ignore.

My resolution is to work less – so far I’ve been pretty successful. I have worked, but my priority has been rest, relaxation and reaching my swimming goal – 100 laps – done (they were only 10 metres long so don’t get the gold medal out yet).

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I successfully ignored all FB and news reports today too.

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