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Would you rather eat 10 really tiny ants or 1 regular-sized ant?

Asked by girlofscience (7545points) August 6th, 2008

Here are the really tiny ants.
Here is a regular-sized ant.

(The regular-sized ant is slightly enlarged in the picture from what it would actually look like.)

You have to eat one or the other. Which do you choose?

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Covered in Chocolate or not?

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One big one. They are sour like a lemon, its actually kind of cool. That is, the non-toxic ones.

Ten little ones would freak me out, I’d want to know they were dead and swallowed. Can you imagine having an ant crawl OUT of your mouth? Or up into your nose? I’d probably vomit.

Why do you ask?

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I would eat the big one. get it over with in one big gulp. 10 ants = 10 times the anxiety/nervousness.

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@trumigoodboy: I ask because I was having this discussion earlier today (in the spirit of Maggie’s questions to Andy on Extras), and I would much rather eat the 10 little ants, but my boyfriend chose the one regular-sized ant. I was interested in the collective’s opinion on the matter.

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the big one is poisonous, so I guess the little ones.

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@PnL: Isn’t the amount of anxiety/nervousness increased tenfold by the size of the one ant anyway?

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@ezraglenn: If the picture I posted was of a poisonous ant, I apologize. My mistake. I intended for that to be a picture of a regular-sized, nonpoisonous ant.

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Ants are yummy….didn’t you ever go to summer camp?

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I’ve eaten a non-poisonous regular-sized ant. Its not that bad.

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I guess the regular one then.

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@trumigoodboy: Why did you and lefteh eat ants?

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one and done for me. The tiny ones would get stuck between my teeth and crawl around long after I ate them. eeeeeewwww
plus the ants have lots of protein, right?

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Camp in Sixth grade. I didn’t eat a worm though, I think Lefteh did.

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@girlofscience – that’s not how i think of it. i think, i pick up that one big ant, somehow force it down my mouth…THIS will take a lot of convincing and pleading with myself. however, trying to do this action 10 times would be a lot harder. does that make any sense?...sort of?

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@trumi: I enjoyed several worms.

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Still stand by your answer girlofscience? You may have to admit to BF that you were wrong.

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@PnL: I guess so. But I’d actually choose the 10 really tiny ants. It would suck, but eating one of those tiny things 10 times wouldn’t take nearly as much convincing myself as eating a bigger one once.

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i would have 1 regular sized ant. The body first of course.

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@scars2b: Why the 1 regular sized? And why the body first?

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@trumigoodboy: Haha, yes, I still stand by my answer regarding what I would prefer. But I will acknowledge that the collective sides with him.

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10 is too much, 1 is just about right. Well, the head is very peculiar, unique, so I’d save that piece for last.

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I wouldn’t know which one I’d rather eat…
Probably close my eyes and choose one at random.. lol ;p

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I’ll eat the one. That’s 9 fewer lives I’d have to take.

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I’ll take the one big ant. Nine less times I have to freak out about eating an ant.

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the big one. I cant stand thinking about 10 small ants wandering around in my mouth. one big one is easier to control, crush and swallow.

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yayyy allie gets my logic :D

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If I had no other choice, I would choose to eat the one ant. It would have to dead though.

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I would eat the one big unpoisonous ant. I also agree with your logic PNl

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Well, since the one big ant in the photo is actually in the process of biting someone, I’d have to go with the ten small ones. Ant bites suck—I can’t imagine one on my tongue.

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I’m going with one ant…I’d never make it through 10, of any size!

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Would they be alive? I wouldn’t be cool with them trying to crawl out of my mouth…hahaha

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@amandaafoote: Haha, no, they would be dead, but freshly dead – not cooked in any way.

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I brought this up at a party tonight, and several people told me, “Great question!”

Why did this get no GQs on Fluther? :(


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Can I have both, with chocolate please?

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