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Should I have kept his dollar?

Asked by scars2b (111points) August 6th, 2008

A man dropped his dollar today at the bagel shop. I gave it back to him. Should I have kept his dollar?

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No, you did the right thing.

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You did a mitzvah (since this was a bagel shop, and all). Well done.

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The dollar was merely a symbol of your humanity. I praise you for not giving into selfishness because there a million people who don’t need the dollar but would have keep it anyway. Would you have reacted differently if it were a $100 bill or his wallet? If not, then I think you know the answer to your question.

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Depends on how many bagels you could’ve bought.

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I probably would’ve done the same thing without thinking.

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sometimes I seek chances to be so noble.
Purely for selfish reasons – other times I fall into old patterns and do the opposite.

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Hey. I dropped a dollar at the bagel shop this morning. Maybe you’ve seen it?

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Of course you shouldn’t have. I wouldn’t judge you if he’d already walked out and then you picked it up and kept it though. I saw a $50 note drop to the ground in the mall the other day and ran up to the person I thought had dropped it. He said no no it isn’t mine it must be that lady’s, pointing to a woman walking in front. I asked her and she said yes thankyou so much I’m very lucky that’s very nice of you etc. Now, since I didn’t actually see her drop it, I really hope she was telling the truth, but at least the man was honest enough to admit that it wasn’t his. It made me smile :)

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You did the right thing

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The question is would you have done the same thing if it was a $100 bill.

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Yes. I have picked up money that was dropped and returned it. I also have picked up wallets before and returned them. One had over a thousand dollars in it. I hope that by my doing this, someone will me kind enough to do the same for me if I am ever in that situation.

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Twice when I lived in NYC, I lost my wallet. The first time, someone put it in the mail (minus the money). I got a random package and (this was during the unabomber’s heyday) was a bit freaked out. I opened it in a chemical hood only to find my wallet. The second time, I got a phone call that night. Turns out the guy who found it was the actor playing one of the lead characters in the musical RENT. I went down to the theater to pick it up from him after a show. Cool guy.

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You did the right thing. Karma, what comes around goes around. If you had kept the dollar you would have no luck for it.

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He is now happy!

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It’s a dollar.

If I make 60 uicks an hour, and this post took me a minute to think of and write – there goes a dollar.

Did you need it?

Was it yours?

Did it make you feel good to return it and have a question for fluther (god knows they

are hard to think up)?

Win win.

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