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If you had to smell like one food item for the rest of your life, what would you pick?

Asked by mrjadkins (1256points) August 6th, 2008

I could swear that the lady in front of me at the store smelled like Tamale casserole. I thought of this question at the store and forgot it until I just about went to bed.

If you were to exude a smell of some type of food, what would you want people to say you smelled like?

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Angel Food Cake.

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Marshmallows. Or maybe coffee.

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Coffee or chocolate.

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Cinnamon Applesauce.

@meltedcrayon; YUM!

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Onions. My mere presence is enough to make people cry.

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Coconut and/or Vanilla.

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Oh wait! That’s not food!

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French toast: warm & bready, cinnamon & sugary, with hints of vanilla…Yummy! no maple syrup, though. that’s just over-the-top.

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Any flavor of tea

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Tanqueray gin.

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Sweet Roses (they are eatable you know). Oh wait! That could have an adverse effect-if you know what I mean.
So, I’ll go with something less flamboyant like warm apple pie with ice cream. Mmmmm pie. =)

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Buttered popcorn anyone?

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clove or vanilla

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Ode to peedub, as well as my favorite food group- Bacon!

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Well, if it must be food (I wouldprefer a flower scent), I will go with baking bread.

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hm…strawberrys… ^^ or roses

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Coconut. It’s what I usually smell like already anyway!

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It’d be strawberries or that cucumber melon scent.

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I’m hopping on the bacon train!

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lavender, citrus or coconut

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Chocolate Chip Cookies.

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@Eambos I don’t want to see your freezer…

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Hot, fresh waffle cone

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Citrus…oranges or even lemon. Wait, no,then I’ll smell like Pledge.


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Or orange cream. I have a sunblock that smells like orange cream. Yummy.

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tomato plants!

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It protects tomato plants from bugs too

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freshly baked milk pan de sal (dinner rolls).

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@ninja: toasted and slightly burnt, w/ lots of real butter!

Pinoy power!

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LOL sndfreQ.

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Lemon!! strawberry!! or maybe coffee

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Citrus Fruits or Apples

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Vanilla,or coconut; newly baked bread is a close call here if I’m honest . .

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