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What is your biggest fear in life?

Asked by imrainmaker (8365points) January 3rd, 2017

As asked.

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Spending my final years alone and unloved.

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That I’m not as smart as I think I am.

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Something terrible happening to my daughter.

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Not achieving my goals. I set pretty high goals for college and now I am scared I won’t complete them.

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Something hurting or harm befalling my partner or children. Beyond that, I can’t think of any ‘big’ fears.

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Living on the street and freezing to death alone.

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Losing my faculties and then dying slowly and painfully.

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^^Yes, that is mine as well. The stealthy creep of progressive senility. The pain thing, not so much, as long as there is morphine and even more efficient modern analgesics available. There is no way out of senility, alzheimer’s or the plethora of other mental incapacities that can get you. And suicide is only possible if you have the presence of mind to commit it.

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@RedDeerGuy1 :: We have never met or anything but I will always have a space on my couch and some hamburgers for you. We can die alone together.

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An unknown and unforgiving future.

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My biggest fear used to be dying but as I age death holds less and less fear for me; now my fear is becoming infirm and having to live like that.

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Ending up in a war.

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Nuclear war.

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I mean, it’s not something that eats away at me as a constant thing, that would be ridiculous, but outliving my kids is every parents ultimate nightmare, doesn’t bear thinking about.

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Being involved and crippled in a bad accident from the result of a texting driver.

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Losing my health insurance (imminently possible)
Becoming sick to the same degree that I was pre-surgery (anything is possible on that front)
Having terrible quality of life as I age, considering the level it’s already been at during the “healthiest years of my life”

Sorry. I’m just a ray of sunshine lately.

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Another fear I have is of being broke.

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I’ve met all of my worst fears and survived them, so far.
The final fear frontier are the fears that @Espiritus_Corvus & @janbb mention. That or truly becoming homeless. I have every intention of taking the bit in my teeth and charging over a cliff if it comes to that.

Luckily no Alzheimers of serious dementia is present in my family history. No way am I going to just sit by idley and succumb to a horrid death experience. Yep, bring on the morphine by the bucket full.
I truly hope I have a sudden cardiac event or stroke that just stops me, dead, in my tracks, just hit the ground like a 130 lb. sack of sand, lights out!

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