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Would you use a Dollar Coin instead of a Dollar bill?

Asked by reijinni (6953points) January 26th, 2017

This is for people who still use the dollar bill, not those that have already switched to the coin.

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No. I prefer paper bills. I hate jingly things in my pockets and despise coin purses. I prefer stealth mode when moving out and about.

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They’re too small for the amount of worth they have. I don’t like that because they can easily get dropped or lost.

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Our country gave us no choice ,they made the switch because coins have a much longer life than paper bills,you get used to the coins.

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Where I live I get asked for change a lot outside of stores. I normally just feel around and grab a few. So I don’t want dollar coins.

But no worries. T.H. Trump will solve poverty next week and we can move to dollar coins.

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Yes, I would but it would help if it was not the size of a quarter. In fact I have tried to ask for coins at the bank but they rarely have any these days. Guess they melted them all back down.

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Coins rule. We have 1 and 2 € coins. I wish we had a 5€ coin.

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Love coins. I wish we had nothing but coins. I like the jingle, I like the fact that they’re not ruined if they go through the washing machine, and I like feeling like a pirate when I have a sackful of coins.

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I’d rather have coins, especially ones that have monetary value tied to their metal content. It’s time to kill the penny though.

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I got a bunch from a train ticket machine (NYC). I am going to put them into the coin counter which will end up deposited in my bank account. Too heavy to carry around in the wallet.

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Americans have demonstrated for years that they much prefer paper dollars. Most men I know don’t want to carry change at all.

Money is going more and more towards electronic money anyway.

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Last time I was in the US I tried to use them as I got them and you’d be amazed how many places didn’t even know 1$ coins existed.

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So, with coins, are they made round to go ‘round or made flat to pile up?

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No. The real problem is weight. If I have $10 in coins in my pocket, it os heavy and starts ripping through the pocket of my jeans. $10 in bills has no effect/

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Bills. Coins are heavy and cumbersome.

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@reijinni Not if it doesn’t say “In God We Trust” on the coin. And I, Too prefer the paper bills.

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I carry very little cash. I use a card for everything. I never carry coins.

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@si3tech, my plan, if successful, will be rid of that nasty phrase.
@rojo, thinking more in line with the Sacajawea dollar.

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Coins are great. They are shiny and chrome.

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Bills fit in my wallet easier. I have enough stuff in my pockets.

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I just use whatever they give me as change.

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No. Too heavy and noisy to carry around, plus I think many merchants would not except them and they would not working vending machines.

In the past, whenever I got a silver dollar I would save it.

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We got two golden dollar coins from the toll road thing. Rick put a 5 dollar bill in and that was our change.
I gave them to the grandkids.

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^^I have three golden dollars. A friend of mine keeps giving them to me.

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@reijinni: That article is 6 years old at this point and it seems we’re no closer to replacing the bill with the coin now then we were then.

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It still spends the same, if it can go in a vending machine, I don’t care either way.

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We have pound coins here which are much more convenient than those tatty bits of paper we used to use. I rarely have more than three or four coins in my pocket at one time so carrying them about isn’t a problem. If I end up with more I just save them.

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I live in Canada, where we have $1 and $2 coins. I hated the idea before it was implemented, but we got used to them ridiculously quickly. They’re better for coin-operated machines, like for laundry, public transit, etc. Now, when I travel to the US, I am constantly irritated by the $1 bills that accumulate. This is how humans are. We adapt.

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