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Is it possible that Trump is pretending to be super-rich?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (17719points) February 6th, 2017

Maybe its all for show? Marketing. Fake it till you make it? Maybe that’s why he doesn’t want to show his tax returns?

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Anthony Jeselnik, one of Trump’s roasters, also noted the same thing during a conversation with Joan Rivers on In Bed With Joan back in 2013. “Donald Trump’s rule was, don’t say I have less money than I say I do,” Jeselnik said. “Make fun of my kids, do whatever you want, just don’t say I don’t have that much money.”

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Yes, it is. His “control” of various developments is tenuous.

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Yes. He can release his tax returns to help prove otherwise.

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He is probably a broke mofo living on his prior reputation and credit.

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The one indisputable truth regarding Trump and his wealth is that the reality around the accuracy of his riches is light years away from his declarations on the matter. Indeed, there is every reason to suspect that the actual reason for Trump withholding his tax records from public revelation is less about his almost certain escape from taxation, but the more revealing embarrassment around the possibility of his true net worth hovering in the mere tens of millions of dollars.

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He is hiding something. Otherwise he would have released his tax returns. It could very well be that he is not as rich as he claims, or even that he is considerably in debt. In recent years, what he has been selling is his brand, which got a great boost from his election as president. This could be the biggest flim flam scheme in world history.

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Not only is it possible, I’d say it is extremely likely. Most of his supposed wealth is in properties that he doesn’t really own, and in brands that have ether failed or have diminished considerably from their already dubious value. The man needs investors to do anything and has probably been living almost entirely on credit for years.

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I thought anyone with his own full sized airplane and several mansions was super rich. I know I couldn’t afford to buy Mar a Lago or that plane(s).

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^^it was a gift from his buddy Vlad…....... jk

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He bought Mar-a-Lago on the cheap back when he still had plenty of daddy’s money to burn through.

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Well, in speaking of just one asset, it depends on how one defines “cheap.” I find it impossible to accept that Trump is just another of the middle class.

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Sure Trump is rich beside you or I, but he’s the clearest example of “ghetto rich” that you’re likely to see in a white man. The guy is ALL front. Everything he owns is mortgaged to the hilt or leased, and there is no fact about himself that he is not prepared to exaggerate beyond belief. I really do believe that the actual reason Trump withholds his tax records is to conceal from the world that his financial depth coincides with his markedly shallow persona. “Cheap” is indeed a relative term, but Trump fits the bill to my mind. He’s rich in the manner of Bugsy Siegel or Capone, only with less heart and substance. Those guys too had tenement manners and made do with 6th grade dialect, but their crude aspects were clearly explained by their origins. Trump’s puzzling gravitas shortfall defies explanation, yet has propelled him to chief of state. Go figure!

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You can easily put on the appearance of wealth as long as you can find people willing to extend you credit. I knew a guy who kept that shit up for decades. To judge by appearance you’d think “hey, this guy’s making some pretty good bank”. Except he wasn’t. Everything he had was on credit. The house, the cars, the Sea-Doo, the steakhouse dinners, the TVs, the toys and gadgets, every bit of it. All on credit. And he knew how to work it too. Knew how to pay just enough to keep the credit lines flowing. No substance whatsoever to his apparent wealth. Nothing in the bank. When the little money he was actually earning went away, and he couldn’t make those credit payments it did not take long at all for that facade of wealth to crumble away.

I suspect it’s much the same with Trump, the only difference being the amount of 0’s on the tab. No matter the veneer you cover yourself with you’re not much of a big shot if your lifestyle is built on debt.

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