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What's the battery life like on your iPhone?

Asked by kristianbrodie (153points) August 8th, 2008 from iPhone

I charge my iPhone overnight and after a day in the office it’s usually depleted. I make a handfull of calls, browse the web very lightly and listen to the iPod. Nothing too strenuous. Is this normal or do I have a problem?

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how’s the signal where you phone is during the day? i know the signal at my house is terrible, so my phone, although not an iphone, dies faster than when it is at work. part of the problem with mine is that it checks my work Exchange email with ActiveSync constantly, so it’s constantly using the internet. I found a setting that allows me to change the frequency of the email send/receive during peak and non-peak times, and that seems to have helped quite a bit.

But, if you’re not using ActiveSync for Exchange on your iPhone, or some kind of email, then i am betting it could do with the signal. cellular phones will use more energy when they are “roaming”, or when the signal is really poor, since they are trying to find a better signal.

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read this
its a list of all the things that extend battery life = )

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I’ve been turning off 3G, at times, and it seems to make a big difference.

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Turning off Bluetooth, WiFi and/or 3G when you won’t need them makes a considerable difference. For me it’s all the new apps to play with that have made a huge dent in my battery life these days :-/

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I have one of the originals. I have to charge it every night. Part of my daily routine now. (It has also become my alarm clock.). There has been a few days that I’ve had to charge it when I get home from work (12 hours later), but those days are few and far between. And, I know those are days I’m heavy with surfing the web, using AIM, or some of the other new apps. Currently I have location services turned off, along with fetch. Also, I don’t the feature to auto-adjust the brightness of the screen. I think you can find some other battery saving techniques out there if you look.

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@BirdlegLeft: I forgot about Push and Fetch! They were killing my battery, so I turned them off.

And thanks for the suggestion to turn off Location Services… like you, I still have my original that is now over a year old. Hopefully this will help, too!

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