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What is your favorite way to beat the heat?

Asked by McBean (1703points) August 8th, 2008

I live in coastal Southern California where the weather is generally temperate and pleasant. When the heat comes, joined by humidity, we just can’t cope very well. Our home is an older home, too, with only freestanding oscillating fans for moving air around. Any good ideas for dealing with the brunt of this August nastiness?

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Here on the east coast the humidity is brutal. You said you were coastal, so hang out on the beach and in the ocean for the day! That is my number one way to beat the heat. If you can’t get to the ocean, maybe there is a pool near you? This time of year pools are normally very warm, but at least it will cool you off a little.

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Frequent cooling showers and lots of ice tea.

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Get used to it?
No, really though, I read this article about making homemade ice cream without any fancy equipment:

Here is the recipe by itself.

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Kiddie pool!

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Smoothies. And lots of them. In fact, I think I will go get one now.

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This question’s been asked about once each week. Whee, rehashes.

I’m NAKED dammit! Sex joke here, random @love “tmi” there… and you’re done.

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I honestly stick my head in the freezer when its really hot, but I’m sure some alternatives would be staying hydrated with ice water and wearing light-weight, light colored clothing.

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Enough cold beer and I won’t care how darn hot it is!!!

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A slip and slide with cold beer sounds nice.

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@ Lovelocke… sorry, it’s a stupid newbie mistake. I haven’t been a newbie anywhere for a long, long time, so I guess I’m entitled. Naked doesn’t cut it for me. I’d like to crawl out of my skin.

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Ice water, ice tea, cold beer, ice cream, kiddie pool, slip ‘n’ slide, beach, showers, nudity. Sounds like a spectacular party. At the moment, I am carting around a blue ice pack and my house sounds like it’s about to take off, with all the fans I have running. I appreciate all the ideas. Thanks, all!

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I take ice (either ice cubes in a baggie or ice packs) and put them where they will have the greatest cooling effect on my body (at the base of my neck, the crook of my elbow, the crook of me knee). I also take an ice cold shower first thing in the morning so I’m freezing cold to start with.

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@peedub: Let’s go!!!

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Move to a place with a colder climate. :)

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