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@gorillapaws has gone completely ape s#!t and bagged 20K lurve...Help welcome him to the 20K mansion!

Asked by Cruiser (40421points) February 25th, 2017

Congrats…what took you so long?

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I get to be first. I always am late to these parties because I almost never check the meta section. And now that I’ve clearly demonstrated why every question must be about ME, let me pretend to congratulate gorillapaws.

Seriously——Congratulations on going the insufferable distance to 20k. It’s a feat well worthy of our respect and awe.

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Well done dear Simian friend. Let’s do the Gorilla dance and thump our chests! Congorillations!

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Congratulations. .. yeah !

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Let’s have a big, big round of applause for Gorillapaws!

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Hip hip hurray.

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20Kongratulations @gorillapaws

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Party time, break out the Bongos and get your jungle groove on, leopard skin loin cloths and lots of Banana Daiquiris.
Lets go ape shit! Cheers @Gorillapaws!

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Congrats! There’s no pause for Gorilla…paws. :)

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20Kongrats to one of our most articulate progressive voices!

Also, congrats to @stanleybmanly for posting first. ;-o

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Well I’ll be a monkeys uncle! Congratulations @gorillapaws! We can get this party started and jump into the heated pool. Food and band are going strong, @Coloma is already in the conga line. Loin cloths do seem to be the clothing of choice at this shindig!

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Well done @gorillapaws !! I don’t know with the rate which I’m going it will take min 10 years may be to achieve what you have achieved..)

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How wonderful !

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Nicely done! Time to go bananas and throw some feces.

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Always good to see good things happen to good people. Cheers.

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Thanks guys. It’s been a long, strange trip. Respect and gratitude to the community.

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congratulations, my dude.

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Nice job!

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Congrats! It’s time to channel Harry Chapin and 20,000 Pounds of Bananas

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Oh, wait! It’ actually 30000 pounds! Oh well, enjoy your extra 5 tons!

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There will be no feces throwing around the hot tub. lol

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You know where you are? You’re in the jungle, baby! Congratulations, Gorillapaws!

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Congrats from your unjustly imprisoned and murdered taxonomic classmate!

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Wow…two great apes at one party. :-)

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Congo rats to a wonderful contributor! I do value your input!

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Congo Paws @gorillapaws! Way to go! Your turn to buy the beer.

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Congrats to you, one of my fave Jellies. Well done.

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@tinyfaery Thanks! The feeling is mutual. :)

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Aww. Thanks.

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Splendid achievement. Well done. Let’s party!!

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Big high five ten twenty on the 20K! (Hey, if you’ve got four dexterous limbs, use them!) Quite an achievement, but not a surprise! Congratulations!

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Hey, I heard this week that some of your peeps have entered the Stone Age!
Here’s hoping that Homo Sapiens give you a shot at ruing the world – can’t do TOO much worse.

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@gorillapaws Gongrats on the well deserved 20k!
You always write intelligent, thoughtful answers with perfect spelling and few to no fat finger mistakes. I’ve seen gorillas up close and that makes me wonder – what kind of keyboard do you use?
Whatever it is, keep using it.

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@GPAW belated congrats! Thanks for being here.

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Geez, I bow to illness for a week, and what happens? THREE parties in one day.
Well, if I’m not too late in sayin’, BANANA DAQUIRIES, ALL AROUND.
Congrats. @gorillapaws! You are one swell silverback.

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Congratulations @gorillapaws, for a big ape you are all class.

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