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Who or what will win an Oscar tonight?

Asked by Cruiser (40421points) February 26th, 2017

Which movie will win best picture, actor, actress, director, best sandwich maker, etc…?

Rented Hack Saw Ridge last night and whoa it was a hum dinger! Mel Gibson did a stellar job with that movie all across the board. I really appreciate a good movie and this is one of the best ever. That said I don’t think I have seen other Oscar contenders as I have not bothered to look. What movie or part of a movie is Oscar worthy by you?

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I’ve seen La La Land and Moonlight and I enjoyed them both. The opening scene in La La Land alone makes the film worth seeing. Great story, lovely music I think it will get best picture.
Moonlight is a completely different film looking at growing up in black America. I thought the acting was great in this film though at times I had trouble making out what was being said. I think it has a good shot of getting best actor and/or best actress. Naomie Harris and Ashton Sanders are definitely both in the running.

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I’ve seen the documentary that’s up for “Best Documentary” “OJ: Made in America.” That was great.

I’ve seen “Fences” which is up for multiple awards. It was great too. Very moving. I’ve also seen “Manchester-by-the-Sea.” That was another great one. As was described to me prior to seeing it, “not a feel good movie” but so good in a different way than “Fences.” I’d be hard pressed to say who I’d prefer to win Best Actor, Casey Affleck or Denzel Washington. I think Viola Davis might win for Best Supporting Actress.

I wanted to see “Lion” but just couldn’t fit it into my schedule and at this point it might be streaming online soon. I’m not big on musicals but “La La Land” got such good reviews I wanted to see it too. I just don’t have tons of free time, otherwise I’d see more movies than I do.

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@flutherother You are probably right about LaLa Land as it is the one movie that is getting a ton of attention in the media.

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Independence Day: Ribbedforherpleasure will win all the oscars.

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I thought they cancelled the Oscars to donate some money to something else to protest Trump.

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That piece of shit musical will probably sweep the board as that is what the old farts in the academy lap up

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That film is hollywood sucking its own cock, so of course it will win ‘bigly’.

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Arrival and Hacksaw Ridge are better movies than La La Land, but considering who is voting, I’m betting on LLL.

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Anyway, I really hope that movie made by that antisemite does not win anything.

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I’m hoping for a “Manchester” or “Moonlight” best pic but I imagine it will be that dumb movie “La La Land.” I’m thinking that Denzel will win best actor and maybe Viola Evans best supporting actor.

I’d like to see “Kubo and the Two Strings” win best animated but I suspect it will be “Zootopia.” I thought “Kubo” was beautiful and brilliant.

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I was hoping for Hidden Figures to win something; either best picture, actress, or supporting actress.

I’ve been living in La La Land for over 61 years. I get more than my fill of it without paying to see it on screen. I don’t know what music it features, but if it doesn’t include the tunes of LA bands like the Buffalo Springfield, the Doors, the Byrds, or my singing teacher Connie Lim, then I can effortlessly wait to see it for free.

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“That film is hollywood sucking its own cock….”

True, and may I add, ”...after buggering its own arse”.

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Seems not only me hated the singalong film, the academy trolled the shite outta it…sweet

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