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Can I get free music for a whole song online? Can I download the music, write lyrics, sing and upload it, without copyright issues?

Asked by Shamanth (1points) September 19th, 2021 from iPhone

I am a lyrics writer, I write lyrics for songs, try to hum my own music but it’s not that great as I am not good at it.
Can I get free music for a whole song online? Can I download the music, write lyrics, sing it and upload it on my YouTube channel, without facing any copyright issues?

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If the song is royalty free, you can take it and do whatever you want. If not, then you may get into copyright issue, if the author of the song doesn’t like their song being used.

But no matter if the song is free to use, taking it and using it as your own song and pass it off as your creation is morally wrong. There is no excuse for that. People who take existing songs and make something else out of it have a good reason for that, such as satire, not because they can’t write their own song. And none of them claim to own their creation. Being bad and songwriting isn’t an excuse.

If you are bad at songwriting, then learn and practice until you become good, or collaborate with someone who can write music.

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I think @Mimishu1995 meant if you’re bad at writing music…not if you’re bad at writing songs.

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Probably not without getting permission from whoever owns the music you are using.

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Just to clarify what @Mimishu1995 said, royalty free doesn’t necessarily mean free to use. A lot of royalty free music requires you to pay an initial licensing fee. If you want something totally free, you’ll have to look for music that has entered into the public domain or that has been released by the creator under special conditions that allow it to be used freely.

@snowberry Songs require music. If they’re bad at writing music, then they’re bad at songwriting.

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