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I'm [25/F] and the guy I'm talking to texts me everyday yet hasn't asked to see me in over a month.

Asked by Monkeylove4 (23points) March 5th, 2017

He starts the texts if I stop responding he’ll message again. He seems interested in talking to me at least once a day through text. We did hook up the last time we met up and I was the one to ask him out that time. I’ve been waiting for him to ask me out, and it’s been more than a month. I guess I’m just confused of what to do next.

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Use your words.

Ask him flat out the next time he texts you, “do you want to see me again?”

If he says yes, and you see him face to face, tell him you want to see him, but his not initiating actual face to face encounters is not working. And tell him if he doesn’t want to actually see you, to stop texting.

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He may be shy. I ran into this drop dead gorgeous babe at the pool in college and we swam near everyday together…chatted etc. A month went by and I finally got the courage to ask her out on a date. She blurted out…“It’s about time you asked me I out….I was beginning to think you were gay!” True story.

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Have you seen him a lot? For how long have you been corresponding/seeing each other? When you said you hooked up, I take it that means you had sex.

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What do you want? I think you need to figure that out first.

If you want to meet face to face, then do what @zenvelo says – ask him straight out.

There are any number of reasons why he might not want to – what he would tell his wife, maybe he’s afraid of ending up in bed with you, maybe he’s been hard at work.

Ask him. not us.

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I was the one to ask him out the last two times we’ve gotten together. I do want to see him, I’ve just been waiting for him to make an effort, and so far nothing. Yet he’ll continue to keep texting me every day.

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@Monkeylove4: Are you going to continue to see him or cut it loose?

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