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What animal instincts do you think you have?

Asked by imrainmaker (8375points) March 10th, 2017

Considering evolution theory what are the traits of animal instincts do you think you have in you?

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I howl when I cum

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I get possessive and terriotirial sometimes. Don’t enter my room. My bed belongs exclusively to me. Also, I don’t share food.
Sometimes, I hiss at cats.

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Go for the juggular

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When “backed into a corner” (literally or emotionally), I can attack and get scary angry.

Don’t poke the bear.

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Focusing on the word instincts, I would have to say bison.
Climate and hunger determine whether I stay put or move on. By climate I mean more than weather. Safety and such conditions come with that.
I do what I must to survive. I don’t get aggressive unless protecting myself or my young.

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I curl into a small ball and don’t want to speak when I am in pain.

I have no desire to leave my house most days, which drives me nuts. I want to be someone who goes out and does interesting things, but I have to force it and then I often don’t enjoy it. I sometimes wonder if that is an instinctual thing; my subconscious knows I’m weak and I’m safer inside.

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Instincts are complex behaviors that follow fixed patterns and are performed by an organism without prior learning in response to a specific stimulus. Past infancy, humans do not have instincts. They have reflexes, drives, and learned behaviors. And most of what was once regarded as instinctive behavior in infants has been reclassified as the result of reflexes, so it may be the case that we in fact never have instincts at any stage of life.

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All of them. Except I’m glad I don’t migrate. I’d get lost as hell, every time.

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I fear nothing and I believe in nothing. Eat, sleep, shit and fuck, it’s what I do. What else is there, anyway? We’re all animals, and no matter how smart you think you are, no one or nothing is ever going to confirm it.

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I can get territorial at times, my face grows fur for some survival reason I’m not sure about.
I eat meat so maybe I would have hunting Instincts, but I’d rather go to the grocery store than kill anymore animals than needed.
I really love how women smell (pheromones).
I get a jolt of adrenaline when I’m in danger just like how a cat reacts when it gets surprised.
I have the instinct to wanna breed and reproduce like an animal I guess?

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Beards are not a survival thing. Some peoples, like Native Americans, don’t grow beards. It probably has more to do with a mating thing.

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