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Did you see someone in the 30k mansion today?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (17656points) March 22nd, 2017

Let’s congratulate @zenvelo and roll the carpet for him!

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Congratulations, my good dude.

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Wow! Congrats on the 30k! Wait… are we talking about 401k or lurve?

Thanks for giving such great answers and offering a different perspective on financial issues.
I’ll share an example of how you changed my thinking on a particular issue. I used to think banks and their overpaid CEOs and staff, were nothing more than leeches sucking funds from honest, hard working people by charging fees and high interest rates.
You pointed out that they are providing a service. The convenience of a credit card, means I don’t need to carry cash. I can use this card in my wallet all over the world. They send statements to me detailing my transactions. They call immediately if there is strange activity on my account and cover any charges that don’t belong to me. All that costs money. And they deserve to be paid for those services. You convinced me.
Thanks for opening my eyes!
I still think they’re paid too much but they should be paid.

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Congratulations @zenvelo! What a wonderful achievement! I always enjoy your comments, how on-point and well-informed they are.

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Spectacular is right! Well done!

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Good on you. Congrats!

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Yeah! Congrats.

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A coon a mat ta!! Way to go @zenvelo! (Hey. That rhymes!)

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Thank you all for your kind thoughts!

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Congratulations @zenvelo! What a huge, but not surprising accomplishment. Welcome to the mansion and party on!

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30Kongratulations @zenvelo

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Congrats. The lagoon is lucky to have you!

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Well done ZEN master! A round of applause to a wise jelly.

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Cheers @zenvelo Sorry I’m late to the party, been having internet issues with some storms up this way, finally back in the cyber saddle. You are a fluther icon here, Zen and I have enjoyed knowing you my fellow California comrade. Now…lets get this party started, I nominate some sizzling shish kebabs on the barbie!

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I like you so much I started another party for you before I noticed this one. You are judicious, wise and caring. Mazel tov on the 30k – let’s have lunch next week to celebrate!

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Congratulations. Well deserved, if you ask me.

Peace n love.

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Three cheers for our zenvelo.
He really is a very fine fellow.
He can ride his bike
He can do what he like
Because there’s no one quite as mellow

Congratulations on all that lurve. You deserve a humdinger of a party. I’ve created you your very own zen garden. Enjoy your party. Where are the crisps and dips?

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Congrats on the 30k! Thank you for your calm and insightful perspectives!

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Congratulations @zenvelo ! Always look forward to reading your contributions. :)

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I’m so happy to see you reach this milestone @zenvelo. You are a wise, measured member of our community. Thank you for your contributions. Enjoy your party. I’m sorry I was late.

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Congratulations and thank you for your answers, @zenvelo!

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Happy Happy Happy !

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I somehow missed seeing this. Congo rats to a jelly giant!

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