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Will you join me in welcoming any former Ask Jelly members who come here?

Asked by janbb (62989points) March 24th, 2017

We are a very welcoming – albeit occasionally somewhat argumentative – community and are very happy to see some new faces. Let’s show the new folks some lurving!

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I am grateful they’ve come. I hope they will properly cross their Ts and dot their Is, and should they ask, I will gladly remind them off the importance of the Oxford comma.

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I’m very glad to see their arrival, and I have great appreciation for many of the other jellies who came after me.

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Welcome to Fluther! Please come and look around, have a seat, sit a spell and join us in asking and answering questions.

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Welcome to Fluther. Hope you’ll have a nice time. :)

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My post definitely applies to you.^

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Welcome everyone! It seems like Fluther is getting some new fresh air.

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Welcome. Pull up to our proverbial kitchen table and have a seat. Can I fix you something to eat? A cup of tea maybe?

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@Hawaii_Jake :: This is really hard to type. I loved you like a brother. As petty as this seems your view on the Oxford Comma has pretty much destroyed our, once wonderful, relationship.

Best of luck in your future endeavors. But you are now dead to me.

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WELCOME ALL NEWCOMERS, no matter where you came from.

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Yes! Welcome, new jellies. You are probably the first jelly refugees from other Q&A sites who already know what a jelly is. I guess this gives you a leg tentacle up?

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Welcome, welcome new jellies!

Kick off your shoes, sit down, stay a while!
I’m rather pleased with how I’ve asyndeton-ed my way around the Oxford comma issue ;)

If I might say so, @Kardamom‘s kitchen table is famous for being made of the finest proverbs anyone can source.

Might we interest you in some pancakes?

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Oh my! Don’t you think it might be a bit early for pancakes?

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^It’s never too early, or late, for pancakes….

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Yes welcome to all our newcomers. Nice to see new faces and new questions. Keep up the good work and stay a while.

[Mod says] with my moderator hat on, could I ask that you do follow the site rules and guidelines. Paying attention to spelling and grammar is what sets Fluther apart from other Q&A sites. If you get modded, be assured that it’s not personal. Everyone has been modded once in a while. Thanks for playing along!

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@johnpowell I will take cold comfort when I cuddle with my Kindle at night.

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Welcome New Jellies!

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