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Is Firefox missing in the list when you click Windows logo?

Asked by flo (13313points) March 24th, 2017

On the desk top ,at the left bottom you have your Windows logo and you click that and it says (“All the programs” or so). If Firefox is no longer there, what does it mean?

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What? I have it on my tool bar at the bottom, and on my desk top. Are you using Firefox right now?

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If you refer to the startup menu, then yes. I don’t see it here.

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Yeah, it suddenly disappeared from everyone’s computer.

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Do you need it there?

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Mine’s where it always is – about three inches above the windows10 icon.

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Are you using Firefox now @flo?

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I use a Macbook primarily but checked my Acer which runs on Windows 10 and no, I do not have a Firefox icon but I presume that’s because I don’t use Firefox, I use Chrome and I do have a Chrome icon.

In any case, why is this missing icon significant?

Are you unable to figure out how to open Firefox without it? If so, use the search box at the bottom of the start menu.

Then or if you already have it open now, right-click the Firefox icon in your taskbar and select the option “Pin to Taskbar” which should be right at the top of the right-click menu. This will cause the icon to remain on the taskbar after Firefox is closed.

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^^^ That’s why I keep asking her if she’s using it now. If so, how did she access it, and what does it mater if it’s on the start menu or not?

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Thanks everyone. So, I heard the question from someone, and I asked it here. I suppose they were using Explorer at the time since there was no “Firefox” on the list.
By the way, the word icon is not in the question, so it’s not about the icon it’s about the word. Also the question is why wouldn’t the word Firefox be missing from the list if the browser Firefox is there?
Anyway if I hear the person talking about it again I’ll find out the update.

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Because..they didn’t specify that they wanted it on the browser? They removed it from the browser? It’s not on my browser either, and that’s all I use. But neither is Chrome nor Explorer, although I have them both. I put them in a folder on my desktop for when I need them.
It doesn’t really matter.

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@Sneki95 So, you click on the start up menu and it’s not there when it’s been there before?
@BellaB It (the word Firefox)? is there?
@DarknessWithin I guess if you don’t have Firefox you wouldn’t have it in the list? As an aside,, have you ever tried Firefox? Do you find Chrome to be better?
And re. “If so, use the search box at the bottom of the start menu.” Thanks for the idea if it I ever need to.

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Yes, the word is there. It was the browser we used to rely on. Now it is there as a back-up if Opera acts oddly.

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As an aside, what does Opera offer that Firefox or Chrome etc. don’t?

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I was once an avid Firefox user from when it first came out up until I got this Macbook roughly 4 or 5 years ago which already had Chrome on it and Firefox had become quite prone to crashing episodes.
So yes, now, I find Chrome better. I’ve had few issues with it.

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@DarknessWithin What did you decide why Firefox crashes so much do you think?

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And by the way @DarknessWithin What do you do when the highlighting feature doesn’t work? (It happened earlier with Chrome, but it’s fine now.)
By the way I mean highlighting for copying purposes, not highlight wherever a certain word is the whole article with CTRL F.

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At first, I attributed Firefox’s crashing issues with the older age of my Acer laptop but I’ve experienced it on other machines. For example, I not long ago put Firefox on the Macbook as a secondary because Safari was irritating me and during my like two uses so far have had crashes.
I’d also seen other complaints online.

As for highlighting, I don’t have issues.

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