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Was an accelerator an original component of the internal combustion engine?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10724points) March 28th, 2017 from iPhone

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No and it still isn’t. Look up the definition.

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@stanleybmanly Beat me to it !


Throttle ? ? ?

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Fret not TW. Throttle is valid. But how would you determine whether or not a throttle was an integral part of the “original” internal combustion engine? I mean is a carburetor with a throttle body necessary?

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Are you people nitpicking whether or not the accelerator is a component of the engine?

Or are you truly unaware of the word?

Merriam Webster
Accelerator – a device (such as a pedal) for controlling the speed of a motor vehicle engine

Oxford English Dictionary
Accelerator – A device, usu. a foot pedal, for controlling the speed of a motor vehicle’s engine.
Example: 1900 W. W. Beaumont Motor Vehicles viii. 147 “The other governor control is known as the accelerator.”

Anyway, the oldest engine I recall seeing is a Wright brothers 1903 motor, and Google tells me it had no throttle, it always ran at full speed.

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Yes. The first petrol driven engine was made by Daimler and Maybach in 1883 (the first internal combustion engine was arround 1860 but it ran on coal gas). The presence of a throttle made it useful in transport applications.

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@Call Me Jay We’re not nitpicking one bit! I’m stating that an accelerator is NOT a component of an internal combustion engine and Tropical Willie obviously agrees.

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Here is a non-accelerator (throttled internal combustion engine) Hit-and-miss engine; engine speed is controlled by the holding the exhaust valve open when the engine speed is above a set RPM.

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Having a throttle or not would depend on the application. Does the engine need to run at a set speed or have variable speed? Set speed engines, such as stationary engines, may require (limiting speed) governors, throttled engines may not need a governor, unless the engine might destroy itself if ran too fast (variable speed governor.)

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