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Which news shocked you the most in 2017? Why?

Asked by mhd14 (631points) March 29th, 2017

For me Current UP (A state in India) Election result- the competing party scores 75% majority which is very unusual!!!
What’s yours?

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Trump winning in the US. Scary.

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@elbanditoroso I was expecting this…. LOL

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Trump winning after all the negatives (“grab em by the pussy” comment, etc.).

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A parody character managed to gain enough popularity and signatures to candidate for a president. And not only that, but he is the very second most popular candidate. Meet Beli, an actual presidential candidate in Serbia.

What shocked me is not his persona and the whole parody project, but that there is quite a lot of people that will legit vote for him. Another site even stated that this year, there’s been a surprisingly high number of citizens between 20 and 30 that voiced their opinion on the elections, which hasn’t happened lately. (young ones were mostly inactive when it comes to election and politics in general). They mostly gave support to Beli.

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The complete failure of the democrat and republican parties to run a reasonable candidate. My utter shock when it came down to the two worst possible candidates.

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Not much. I’ve seen it all. Same story, new players.

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Nothing shocked me.

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I thought there was nothing the American electoral system could surprise me with any more. I was wrong.

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Trump winning the Republican nomination. Once that happened, I had to accept his eventual election to be a serious possibility.

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It seems to me that most people answering this question are talking about news from 2016.

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@Lightlyseared I did know in 2016 that Trump had won, but I honestly kept thinking that somehow, someway, it would not and could not happen. So I guess I was shocked once in 2016 and again in 2017.

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The election shocked me most but that was 2016. So far this year I am shocked that Congress has failed to repeal the ACA. I’ve been preparing myself for its repeal since election night, and I was certain it would happen given the Republican’s rhetoric on the topic for the last seven years, and the fact that they have control of all the relevant branches of government right now. I am shocked (and greatly relieved) that they have failed.

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Our latest electricity bill…fucking shocking!!!

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^ Did you go to the foot of your stairs?

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That King Trumpet appointed Bannon President (and chief Nazi)

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@pointyperson No, the foot of our stairs is reserved for naughty members of staff…

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The approval of the Keystone XL pipeline.

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Trump winning

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