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How can I hire someone to drive me to work?

Asked by james1corral (4points) April 3rd, 2017

I need someone to drive me to work

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Talk to co-workers say you’re will to pay for fuel.
Put an add in the local paper.
Put an add on craigs list.
Find a local bulletin board and post an add on it.

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Make arrangements through a taxi or Uber office.

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Depending on where you live, there may be state sponsored carpools. In California we have vandals that match up people going from and to the same general areas, people pay their share of the van costs.

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@zenvelo “vandals”?

As @Espiritus_Corvus set up an Uber or Lyft account. Or post something at work.

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Do you live and work near a mass transit line? Bus and/or rail is a great way to go.

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@janbb iwas auto corrected without knowing it. “Van-pools” not vandals.

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“The pump don’t work cause the vandal took the handle.” Did look a mite suspicious.

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There are a few websites that might work for you. Just look them up with the keywords, hiring a driver. You can always take out an ad in your local paper.

I think the best option is to carpool with someone at work if they live close enough to you. Just pay for gas.

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Place a ad with Craigslist.

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Craigslust is a good source, but there may be several days before your ad is noticed. You should check the ads already posted, as some people who drive will look for riders to pitch in gas.
Cab drivers are sometimes flexible. I had a driver i liked, and contracted him to drive my daughter to and from school every day when I couldn’t.
Cabbies like to have regulars.

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