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Does anybody live with fibromyalgia?

Asked by Patty_Melt (9300points) April 18th, 2017

I have some related questions, but there is no point unless there is someone who can answer them. If you do live with fibromyalgia, but you don’t want to post it here, please send me a pm.

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I know a couple of people who were diagnosed with it, but the main thing they and the doctors seem to agree on is that no one really understands what it’s about. I could relay a specific question.

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Thanks, but I really want to have a direct exchange for my questions. I suffer from pretty severe F, and I have thoughts and questions not for a doctor or go between, but someone who lives it. What I’m looking for is more the personal than clinical aspects.
@Zaku, you are very kind to offer. Some things are tough enough to discuss with a doctor, but even harder with friends.
Everyone pretty much knows it is painful, but it is also inconvenient, embarrassing, tiresome, and tough for people to understand because most of it can’t be seen.

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Send the Q to Augustlan. I know she’s not around here much, but she does check in from time to time.
I’m sorry you are afflicted, this us a nasty thing.

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My aunt. She has a lot of pain. Some is caused by her spine, and they say they can’t operate to fix it. She has tried the spinal thing when they put medicine in your spine. She tried it twice, both horrible experiences. She’s addicted to big time pain killers and drugs like Xanax and a muscle relaxer here and there. Relatives question whether all those meds just made it all worse over time. Her muscles hurt all the time. She is disabled now, but has more than just the FM that she deals with.

I was diagnosed with FM years ago, but I don’t believe I had, or have it.

I can tell you my symptoms and what helped a lot if you want. I don’t want to clutter your Q if you prefer I don’t go into it in detail. The basics are my muscles weakened very quickly from use, I would even get very shaky like Parkinson’s, and I had severe cramping at times, especially in my calf muscles and biceps, but I truly had trouble with all of my muscles. The biggest help with testing my vitamin D level and getting my number above 40. Hands down huge huge improvement.

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