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Why does some pot smell like skunk now?

Asked by janbb (52483points) April 19th, 2017

I was in a bar a month or so ago and there was a distinct smell of skunk. A friend told me that’s how some marijuana smells now. I’ve smelt it a few other places lately and it is a definite skunky smell. Anyone know why?

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Skunky pot is nothing new, although it’s much more prevalent and common now due to the deliberate hybridization in the industry. Back in the 70’s and 80’s the “really good stuff” that I could get from my source had a skunky odor, and a premium price. I had always assumed it was from higher levels of THC. It commanded a premium price, and didn’t seem to take as much to attain a desired level of “stonicity”.

Most of the hybrids now on the emerging legal market were or are being developed for medical use, and to deliver the maximum dosages of THC and other cannabinoids.

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It is from the increased amount of oils.

There is a stretch on Route 82 in Colorado, between Glenwood Springs and Carbondale, where it always smells like someone ran over a skunk. There is a grow operation in a warehouse near the highway.

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Now? Skunkweed has been around forever.

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Guess when I was doing it, I had higher (or lower) quality stuff. I’ve only smelled it recently.

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Yeah, skunk used to be the big thing where my husband grew up in Illinois. If you were driving past a cornfield and smelled skunk, there’s a good chance if you got out of the car and took a walk you’d find someone’s grow field.

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I’ve been smelling skunk since my friends started smoking weed in high school; I do notice that plenty of weed doesn’t smell like that, and I assume that must be the higher-grade stuff (one of my friends grows his own [legally] and it’s never smelled like skunk to me). But there have been times when I’m outside and get a whiff of something and think “skunk must’ve been run over” but then a little later I realize it’s people smoking ganj.

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When I smell skunk I grab the pellet gun. That odor means a skunk got into the barn or garage, or worse, is under the porch!

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Skunky smelling weed has been around forever. I had a friend that grew killer weed in a hydroponic greenhouse back in about 1975–76. Double doors to keep the scent from drifting out when entering. Aaah, the good old days.

We had so much fun sitting in that wonderland of weed in his greenhouse. haha

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It was around back in the late 60s and pretty common in the 70s. That stink was a pretty good sign that you weren’t getting “burned” for your money.

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We have a prevalent variety here called orange stinkweed. Smells horrible, just like skunk. I won’t let it near my mouth. It has a rep for being kick as shit. Real ganja. It’s pure red bud, all tops. Very popular with the Spring Breakers. Knocks them on their silly young asses.

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@zenvelo There are some urban grow ops in Denver and Boulder that have some neighbors and municipalities raising a stink.

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Sign at a local pot shop:

You didn’t hit a skunk—that’s just us!

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