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What would be the repercussions, if The Queen were to stab so-called president Trump to death, when he visits the UK?

Asked by ragingloli (49139points) April 20th, 2017

Would there be immediate war?
Would The Queen even face legal action?

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I think it would be an unfortunate international incident that he would die overseas. It would get covered up quite well, and no one would really know what happened. I think the worst part would be that a lovely rug from the palace would get ruined.

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Nah, they would spin it some how saying something like she got her prescriptions mixed up.
Or maybe another with she had no choice he grabbed my pussy.

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She’d be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

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She wouldn’t face any legal action. As long as there were no photographers present. You know what they say, ‘What happens in Buckingham, stays in Buckingham.’

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This is some REALLY funny stuff. Sometimes Loli just cracks me up. The question is MUCH funnier if Her Royal Highness merely stabs the man, and even better if She snatches up some bejeweled dagger lying around the palace and rushes the Donald only to be intercepted and forcefully restrained. Then the Don could proceed to the Vatican for the Pope to take a run at him!

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The secret service would try to take her out before it happened.

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All Hail the Queen!

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There would be worldwide rejoicing.

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I would be very upset. Don’t get me wrong. Trump is a nightmare but he is a incompetent nightmare. President Pence would be way worse. Pence could actually get shit done.

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^^You make a valid point.

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@johnpowell However, I have less fear of dying in a nuclear holocaust under Pres. Pence.

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Not sure there’s any precedent for such a thing. I expect it would end the British monarchy rather quickly and the affair would be the most embarrassing and damaging in the history of British international diplomacy.

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God save the Queen.

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It would be the fight scene to end all fight scenes staged on the royal balcony at Buckingham Palace and with blood everywhere. Her Majesty of course will prevail and who would think any less of her for it.

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She might need some help looking at her age. Can Angela Merkel pitch in?

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She would be diagnosed senile, and King William would visit her quietly in her chambers when he could get the time.

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@Patty_Melt you skipped a generation there.

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What exactly might the weapon be? Something akin to a folding jack knife, a stiletto, a dagger, a rapier, or pike?

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I think the Queen would have access to some very nice ceremonial swords. It’s quite likely she’ll know how to swing one and be very capable of lopping off his head. I can’t see the Queen wielding a pike, but his head is quite likely to end up stuck on the end of a pike and displayed on Tower Bridge.

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I think the queen could do it. She has served in the military unlike Trump, any member of his family or any of his in-laws.

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The Queen, being the victor, could then reclaim the colonies as part of her realm and sanity would be restored.

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@cazzie, really? The Queen hypothetically stabs Trump, and you are nitpicking the next in line?
Well instead of splitting heirs, take a look at how much speculation has gone into whether Prince Charles will ever be king.

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London would be bombed for the first time after I’ve no idea how long.

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64 years-ish, no?

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@Patty_Melt I’m not splitting heirs. I know there is speculation, but I don’t think Charles will retire out immediately. What tabloids are you reading? I’m most worried about that poor rug.

Maybe the corgis will eat him and get rid of the evidence?

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@cazzie The corgis crossed my mind as well. They have been known to attack. The challenge with that method is that the queen has the dogs on a strict diet. On the other hand, she would prefer that they go before she does, so…

@Patty_Melt A lot of the speculation about Prince Charles abdicating came about when he married Camilla. The hulabaloo has since died down. Citizens either don’t care or have have become endeared to the fact that he is finally with the love of his life.

Charles has been groomed since birth to become king. It’s unlikely that he will not take on the role of king when his mum dies.

@Sneki95 and @Seek The last time London was bombed was in 2005.

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Don’t forget, the Queen’s purse is a registered lethal weapon. I’m guessing that she stores Bond-like secret weapons in her hats too.

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The Queen would never stab anyone, so classless and tasteless. She would just drop a little tablet of Cyanide into Trumps tea. “One lump or two?”
It would then be speculated he died of a massive heart attack, Queen off the hook, the clown is dead, carry on, hip, hip, cheerio. lol

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Nothing would happen to the Queen. Because her doctors would say that the Russians impacted a computer chip in her brain via a nano-drone and were controlling her actions by satellite.

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Okay, THAT one really made me LOL.

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Sainthood, and I don’t mean St. Trump.

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