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Why did God put hair in my nose?(details)

Asked by MrGrimm888 (17066points) April 24th, 2017

Over the past 8 years, my nose has grown hair. It tickles my nose, and makes it itch. It hurts SO bad to yank it out. It looks stupid. It serves no purpose. If it did serve a purpose, then why didn’t I have it younger?

Next comes ear hair. Found one the other day….

Is this a sick joke, by the God I don’t believe in?

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It is punishment for the sins of your great^x grandfather, Adam.

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It serves a purpose, and you had it when you were younger. It was just less noticable.
Hair in your nose and ears is to trap airborn debris.
As we age, it tends to bush out. Maybe “god” thinks we need the extra help, or maybe “god” doesn’t want us to be bored after retirement. Pick, clip…

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As @Patty Melt says, they were always there. It’s just that in your advancing years those hairs go crazy. My eyebrows even give me fits.

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@MrGrimm888 Don’t yank it, trim it.

The woman who does my hair runs the clippers over my ear lobes every month.

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It acts as a filter, to keep nasty stuff from getting up your nose.

Sort of like the air filter in your car, the makes sure what gets into the engines does not have nasty particulates.

It’s snot true that the nose hairs are there for no good reason.

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@elbanditoroso^^^ Freudian response to question?

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@zenvelo – deliberate. Seeing if you were paying attention

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No. They don’t do anything. I’m not a camel. I don’t like them, and I don’t want to cut them, I want them out of my nose…

Do laser hair removal places do nose hair? That shouldn’t be too expensive. It’s a small area…

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Runs to check my own nose hair. Whew, it’s all tucked up in the nostril.
Yes, I noticed my hairdresser had it on a list of services she provides. I believe it was $80.00.

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I understand. It’s humiliating.

I use a trimmer. I do not use the one I linked. I have a Braun that is older than god, so they don’t make it any more. Buy one. Stop torturing yourself by yanking them out.

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You must have it so I don’t have to. A penguin with nose hair would as ridiculous as when Kermit was given ear muffs.

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I wouldn’t yank them out as this can cause a nasty infection. I’m sure Billy Connolly did a comedy routine on nasal hair many years ago. It’s probably still on YouTube.

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I feel ya. I had to go out and get a little electric trimmer for nose and ears this year.

Officially old.

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It dissuades larger bugs from crawling in while you’re asleep, or flying in at other times.

(Try round-tipped nose-trimming scissors.)

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If your upper lip is unable to grow hair, then you can let your nasal hairs grow into a super-fine mustache!

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I yank ‘em. Hey, if women can do crotches, I can do this.

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Well I’m an atheist and I don’t personally believe in God. But I do believe in a healthy use of a nasal trimmer. The trimmers do not remove all the hair, they just avoid you from having a nostril moustache.

But nasal hair has a purpose. It has the functions of filtering foreign particles from entering the nasal cavity and collecting moisture.

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Probably the same god that put hair all up in my ass. Jerk.

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That was to make it harder for men to have anal sex.

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Uh… I may have had butt hair before nose hair… I pretty much have hair everywhere now. Found one in my ear a few months ago. Fucker was like 3 inches long. I thought it was a foreign hair, until I grabbed it. It came out easier, and less painful than nose hair….

Thanks for the link @cazzie… Yeah. I’m growing up. I’m even noticing girls now…

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