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Do you know any '70s funk bands?

Asked by joeysefika (3093points) August 9th, 2008

Trying to broaden my musical horizons here with some awesome funk!

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oops none of them are funk but from the 70s

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The J.B.‘s.. as described to my caucasian friend by the music store guy, “It’s too funky for you.”

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Parliament (George Clinton, etc.), Kool & the Gang, the commodores, Rick James, James Brown, and Earth Wind & fire are pretty good

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Sly and The Family Stone

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The Meters
Roy Ayers Ubiquity
Sly & the Family Stone

Look for a compilation called “Move to Groove.”

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thanks guys, this helps alot

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definitely love, Sly and the Family Stone and Parliament…used to be a great funk cover band in San Fran called Super Booty, maybe you can find them to add to your collection…

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just check out the “Boogie nights” soundtrack 1 & 2, you’ll love it i’m sure, and the movie is one of the best

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george clinton and the p-funk all-stars, bootsy collins, james brown, confunkshun, brick, dazz, parliament, george duke, slave, the bar-kays, lakeside, the brothers johnson, rufus and chaka khan

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Shuggie Otis

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O’Jays, Heatwave, Tower of Power, Zapp, Brick, Sweatband, Pleasure, Mandrill, Praxis, Average White Band, War, Ohio Players,

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Rick James, Sun, Cameo, LTD

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