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What kind of musical instruments could a cat imitate?

Asked by ragingloli (42376points) May 4th, 2017

I am thinking violins and electric guitars.
What about other animals?

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Busted bagpipes

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I hear they make great tennis racquets.

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A cheap organ that’s broken.

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This cat can imitate an alien ray gun. lol

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A bicycle bell.

I can also make a cat sound like a dog. Just soak it in gasoline, strike a match, and it goes “woof!”

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A cat could imitate a pedal steel guitar or an electric guitar played with a slide.

One time after I played Are You Experienced, l heard some birds outside my open window doing their version of Foxy Lady. ;-o

Although I’ve never heard one, maybe trumpeter swans can imitate trumpets?

The call of a loon sounds somewhat like a flute.

IIRC, some paleontologists hypothesize that the calls of duck-billed dinosaurs sounded like oboes or quenas (Andean flutes).

From what I recall, some cetacean sounds resemble those of bassoons or oboes.

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I guess gorillas could imitate drums by thumping their chests.

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@filmfann (Continuous, uproarious laughter!)

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I have some crazy bird over here that screams a loud ” Gaaaaaah.” I don’t know what the hell it is but it is so annoying. haha

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Is an asshole a musical instrument? ‘Cause that is my cats talent, playing asshole.

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@Coloma I can’t get enough of that kitten.

As for the cats that sound like dogs…. [0]

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@Sneki95 Isn’t he/she adorable!

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@Sneki95, oh that is genius. The cat sees the camera and says, “meow meow.” LOL

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