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Have any Jellies experienced where you are following a question, new comments are posted yet you receive no notifications in your Activity?

Asked by jca (36046points) May 6th, 2017

I’ve suspected this on a few questions: I was following but didn’t get notifications in my activity. It’s hard to trace because you’d have to click on every question you know you’re following in order to figure out if you’ve been deprived of getting it in “Activity for You.”

It doesn’t happen on all things I’m following, just a few here and there.

Today there was a post with a lot of comments, and I commented too, yet received nothing in my “Activity for You.” I double checked that I was “following” and yet didn’t get any notification.

Has anybody else noticed this on their activity?

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Not that I am aware of but, I have been having trouble with GA’s posting multiple times to my lurve acct. but in reality there is only one marked on the Q. We are also having issues with the chat room and being able to compose questions so might just be part of the fluther weirdness the last week or so.

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Yes. Often. Moreso around last Christmas and January, but not so much now. Now it’s GA’s. That’s quite a party going on in the chatroom. I wonder how many people we can squeeze in there.

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Yes. I have experienced it earlier and I had posted question about it as well. I guess it’s happening till now for few questions randomly but I have stopped paying attention.

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It is a random thing now; “Activity for You” was totally broken a while back, “Questions for You” is still missing in action.

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That could be why I don’t receive notification for TJBM this morning…

A bit off-topic, but I saw that thread you were talking about. It was horrible. I do hope the OP will be ok. I can’t offer any help though because I don’t know what to do and don’t want to complicate the problem

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Yes, this has been happening for a while. I’ve found this on a few questions.

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[Mod says] We’ve let Ben know about this and he’s been doing some maintenance. Thanks for pointing it out!

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