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Pressure on my head and feeling unbalanced when I walk. Any idea what this could be?

Asked by AshlynM (9856points) May 18th, 2017

When I first woke up this morning, my head hurt so bad I could barely get out of bed. I managed to crawl out and drink some water and slowly walk around. Then I noticed I was feeling very unbalanced when I walked. I didn’t fall over though.
I have no other pain anywhere else on my body other than pressure on my head. It’s not a dull or sharp pain. Just a heavy feeling all around my head.
My unbalanced problem seems to be much better although still a little wobbly.
I realize only a doctor can diagnose me but anyone have ideas on what this could be?
I do plan on going to urgent care later today.
My bf has suggested dehydration.

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Sounds like maybe an ear infection. Balance is all about the inner-ear.

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Possible. Thank you.

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Do you have bad allergies? Maybe a sinus infection as well. Get checked out, could be anything from something mild to a brain parasite. lol

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I’m allergic to pollen and ragweed but the symptoms aren’t severe, just the usual runny nose and sneezing. I have no food allergies.

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Your head hurts so bad you can barely get out of bed and I’m assuming you aren’t a headache person? And you feel unbalanced? I think it sounds like an emergency. I would have a friend take me to the ER.

All over headaches can often be from caffeine withdrawal, but being unbalanced is a whole other thing.

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Sinus pressure can cause dizziness. It could be allergies, or some other cause for sinus infection. That sounds mostly harmless, but can be quite serious.
Other things can cause the same feelings.
I will be concerned for you until you let us know what the doctor says.

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No, I normally do not get headaches, if I do, they’re small and short lasting.
I have never had an episode like this before.

I’m feeling much better as of right now, still have a little pressure on my head. I’m not feeling wobbly anymore. I will be going to urgent care within the hour. I’ll let you know of the diagnosis.

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I just checked my temp, no fever.

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Since sinus infection, and ear infection are already taken I’ll throw another guess into the ring:
Do you still have your wisdom teeth? From your picture I’d guess you are in your low 20’s. That is the perfect age for TMJ from wisdom teeth coming in when there is not enough space.

When i was 22 or 23 I would lose peripheral vision every now and then with a rare headache that I assumed was dehydration. Wrong. I had mine removed and that fixed it!

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Since we’re all just speculating, anyway … it could be a brain tumor.

I mean, it’s not, but it’s more likely to be a brain tumor than an alien takeover of your head, which it could also be.

Probably an inner ear thing, though.

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Sudden severe headache I wouldn’t worry about a tumor I worry about an aneurism!

Since the headache is letting up it sounds like a good sign, but I don’t know what the OP is actually feeling so of course we are all just guessing and throwing out the best and worse case scenarios.

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It could be a migraine. Unsteadiness is a symptom, along with headache, Was the headache on one side? That is more common in migraines. Please let us know what your doctor said.

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Update: Went to urgent care but all they could tell me was I had a mirgraine or tension headache and prescribed me a pill.
When I woke up this morning, the pain in my head returned, This time, I was feeling very shaky in my arms amd legs when I tried to stand up. If I walk slowly, sit, and drink water the discomfort seems to lessen. The unbalanced feeling also returned. The room isn’t spinning, more like a rocking motion.
I’m feeling much better now, about 7 am.
I plan on going to a real doctor this time to find out what’s going on. What kind of doctor should I see for this?

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Urgent care are real doctors. If you want to see a specialist maybe a neurologist.

Did urgent care give you a CT scan? I don’t know if they typically have that sort of machine, but they certainly could write you a script for one.

Migraines can be pretty brutal. Have you bean nauseous?

Do you feel sensitive to light?

Where exactly is the pain? Your forehead? Top of your head? Pounding pain? Stabbing pain?

Is your shaking equal on both sides of your body?

Had you started taking new medication recently? Did you skip caffeine? Did you skip alcohol if you usually have some daily?

Did they draw blood? Maybe blood sugar should be checked. Maybe your sugar is very low. Do you feel better if you eat?

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Good points made by @JLeslie.

I think by real doctor you mean a doctor working on office hours, probably, as urgent care deals with what presents to them at the time. If they see nothing, they move on to the next patient.
That they sent you home does not mean it isn’t serious. Mind you, I am not saying that it is, but something which has persisted this long seems to me should be looked into further.
A GP, or family doctor may or may not be able to determine alone what is wrong, but if you require a specialist, they could narrow down for you just who to see.
In the mean time, write down anything which has changed in your life. Have you been crash dieting for some special occasion? Periods changed? New food, hair color, traveled recently, feel down and couldn’t get right back up, had a traumatic event? Note everything. Doctors haven’t much patience for “um um” patients.
Do be careful. I hope it turns out to be something simple, like your ponytail is too tight.

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The pain is in the middle of my forehead. It’s all around pain, not one particular spot.
I took an excedrin two hours ago and a nap, so I’m feeling ten times better. I was sensitive to light during my pain but not anymore. I didn’t have any other pain oher than my head and the balance issue. There was no blurred vision, slurred speech or hearing loss.
Urgent care did nothing except send me home with a prescription.
I will monitor myself to see if anything changes or worsens. I believe it’s either a migraine or tension headache.
Thanks everyone !

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Sounds like a migraine. Exceeding has pain killers and caffeine.

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Excedrin. Sorry.

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Glad you’re feeling better

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Assuming the Urgent Care people checked your blood pressure, and it was in a normal range, you can rule that out. If for some reason they DIDN’T, please investigate that immediately.

My other guess is ‘middle ear’ issues, which can be caused by atmospheric pressure (among several other things), or a middle-ear infection.

Anyway, I’ve been there in the past, and it can be pretty scary. The good news: It’s not likely to be anything serious, like a tumor. The important thing is to see a doctor who knows what they are doing.

Please keep us posted.

People care…...they really do…..

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