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Do you keep adding to your list of interests as I do?

Asked by valdasta (2146points) May 25th, 2017

after 44 years I am just now beginning to realize that I have a pattern of becoming deeply interested in different things on a regular basis.

For example: I’ve made homemade puppets, wooden games, benches for our kitchen table; I started a carpet cleaning business, planted a church, started a painting business; started a banting diet, running, and doing parkour…

I am curious to know why I am like this and if there is anyone out there that is similar to me. If so, does it cause any instability or problems in your life?

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I have always hated rap music, but I have found myself listening to a lot of Eminem. I can’t say that I love rap now, but I do appreciate his mastery of the craft. However, I still hate country. ha!

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Absolutely. I have an ever growing list of hobbies and interests plus media and books to consume. I probably add about ten new things per year and actually get to about half of them — so there’s no chance I’ll ever get to everything.

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I stick to reading. I never have time to get properly into something so I have given up trying new things, or taking up old hobbies either.

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Yes, I am very much like this. The trouble for me is that I am interested in almost every topic at a basic level, but once I start to get into more advanced levels, I quickly get frustrated and want to bail and start over with something new. E.g. in college, if I could have graduated with a minor in 4 subjects instead of a major in 1 subject, I would have been thrilled to do that. Truly a Master Of None over here. It’s starting to affect my career; I have a basic handling on my field and have no interest in taking it to the next level, so now I’m starting to think about switching careers.

I doubt there is any job where I can get paid to be OK at 10 things instead of great at 1 thing. Capitalism demands expertise.

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I think the older we get, the more things we have a chance to experience, and then we realize we might like to spend more time doing them.

I have a long list – the majority of things I don’t have time to do, but I’m interested. One thing I love to do is decoupage. It’s somethng I do when I have time and am inspired, so those two prerequisites make it something I don’t do very often.

I would love to have time to sew. I have a bunch of art things I’d like to have more time to do – polymer clay, beading and jewelry making, metalsmithing, the list goes on and on. Add to that list reading – I’d love to have more time to read. I’d love to have more free afternoons to lounge in a library or Barnes and Noble and just read some books.

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I’m very much like this, most curious somewhat introverted people are.

@Mariah, there are jobs like that. I have had several of them.

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I’m a fan of personality typing and you might be an ENTP extroverted, intuitive,thinking,perceiving personality, known as ” The Enthusiast” or ” The innovator.” This type is known to be constantly pursuing new interests and has a broad range of diverse past times as well as being an inventive type. I’m one of those as well, and while I am getting older and not quite as enthusiastic as I once was I still retain the nature of the beast. haha

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@coloma, @ARE you kidding me: I have recently discovered that I am actually an introvert. I googled the definition and found my picture there (that’s how accurate it was).

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… Sorry its been a while since I have swam with the fluther; can’t remember how to properly tag flutherites.

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No, I am not like this at all. I wish I were a bit. I have no hobbies that anyone would get excited about.

My ex is like you, though. It didn’t cause issues for us, unless maybe I was one of his short lived interests!!

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