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Has US renounced leadership of the World with the stand taken by Trump on Paris pact?

Asked by imrainmaker (8375points) June 3rd, 2017

As asked.

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If only. Not by a long shot though. If anything, it just shows more cherry picking what to get involved in.

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The US renounced leadership of the world when it elected Trump.

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I don’t think that was Trump’s intent but that is the effect.

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We’ll see. I’ve never cared about being the leader, but I care about being up in front with what’s good and right.

I think pretty sure countries will still be looking to America for money, military, and still an example of a free society.

Way before Trump other countries had caught up to us, and some surpassed us in some ways. We weren’t first to have gay marriage (a civil rights issue) I doubt we were the first to give women the vote (I don’t know the full world history on that). Our biggest claim to fame was being founded in religious freedom, and getting rid of a caste like system and rid of royalty. You could start as anything, and in your own merit become anything, able to climb to the highest classes in American society. Now, this is possible in most democracies that are primarily capitalistic societies.

This point in time is but a blip, and when he leaves office things can change again. I’m not saying decisions don’t matter at all, each fork in the road changed the path the country starts going down, but there are ways back to the path we should be one.

It’s the patience part. All sorts of really bad crap can happen while off the correct path. Poverty, illness, death, war, mental illness, it’s serious business. I’m not talking about just the four years a president serves a term, but the veer off the path can take many years than that to correct itself.

Back to being a leader, nothing would make me happier than for the entire world to have freedom, equality, no need for wars, and no need to see one nation as better than another, but all as good, peaceful places to live, with practically having open borders for all. I know that’s no time soon.

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Unfortunately, not.
They still presume to be the leader, but what they have renounced is any and all responsibility for the consequences of their action.

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@ragingloli I think you have to separate the government and the people in this case and actually, I think you’re wrong. I don’t think this government cares about the rest of the world at all, they just want to rape and plunder. But I think the people will eventually overcome – at a heavy cost in the meantime. Many states, philanthropists and cities will step up to the plate in terms of combating climate change and the Feds will be increasingly marginalized.

Please stop making the mistake of tarring all of us “colonials” with the same brush, it delegitimizes your posts.

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maybe not all, but at least half of you.

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The person who is President of the United States is no longer considered “Leader of the Free World”.

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@zenvelo The person who is considered President of the United States is no longer considered “Leader of the Free World.” Yay for the adults who govern France and Germany.

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NO! The American vehicle is just as strong and reliable as before! (We just got our tires slashed, but it won’t last forever…)

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Nothing wrong with the American vehicle, it’s the driver that is the problem.

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If that was all it took to topple us from a leadership perspective, then we weren’t leaders to start with. But it is truly simplifying things to suggest that backing out of an accord that had little to do with the titled topic (climate change) and more about economics will make or break the US from a leadership position. We currently still hold the world reserve currency because our nation is still considered the best risk out there. That gives us a whole lot of strength in the world. We are still one of the superpowers from a military perspective which also gives us a leg up. Backing out of the Paris accord may actually make us leaders again as more and more countries decide to follow us. We’ll have to see how that plays out going forward.

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The opposite.

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The Paris agreement was about climate change though Trump possibly thought it was to do with economics. America is no longer leading on this issue it is following Syria and Nicaragua.

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Die Achse der Dreckschleudern.

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The leadership thing is clearly a bygone notion regarding the United States when it comes to anything positive or uplifting. And nothing slams the door on vision or idealism as decidedly as the election of Donald J Trump.

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