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Do you have a go-to phrase that isn't "Oh my God!"? What is it?

Asked by kritiper (16083points) June 9th, 2017

You hear it all the time from every walk of life. It’s getting to be the one thing you always hear, and so passé, IMHO.

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Depends on the situation and if I am by myself or not. But “Holy Shit” seems to come up a lot.

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“Well….it’s not a PUBLIC restroom….”

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Fuck me, fuck my life.

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Yes, “fucking hell!” LOL

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I stole ” Holy Hannah” from a friend.

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“Oh my fuck”
“Jesus titty-fucking Christ”
“What the shit”

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Jeez o Pete

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My number ones are: “Jesus f**kin’ Christ!” and “Holy f**kin’ shit” . Plain old “Holy shit” works in a pinch in or sans mixed company.

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I say ” Oh crap” a lot too. But ‘Fucking Hell” is one I have been saying a lot the last few months. I have been in an irritable mood which is uncharacteristic for me, so some extra exlpetives have been showing up. Maybe I’ve reached the ” get off my lawn” stage of life. LOl

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Fuck is a great and versatile word.

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I actually picked up “fucking Hell!” from a friend. She says it with such literary genius, nice little dramatic flair, I like it! Maybe Dorothy Parkers short version of “What fresh new hell is this?” LOL

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It’s usually a quiet “Bloody Hell” when it’s bad news. When it is outrageous news, like what I heard today on ABC Radio Abroad, where an Indiana highschool graduate was turned away from his gradualtion ceremony for breaking his school’s dress code, my standard reaction is “You gotta be fucking kidding me”.

He had joined the Marines during the school year, gone through boot, fullfilled the academic requirements, then was turned away from the ceremony for proudly wearing his full-dress Marine uniform. You gotta be fucking kidding me.

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Holy hell
Holy fuck

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Cheese and rice!

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I used to do business with a Swiss pharmaceutical company called Ciba-Geigy, pronounced ‘SI-BA GEE GEE’.....(with a hard ‘G’, for you purists).

While we know that your heart allegedly stops for a split-second whenever you sneeze, we’re not real big on thanking some invisible Heavenly Being that it started again after the sneeze, so instead of the traditional ‘God bless you’, we just say “Ciba-Geigy”.

It also works well in other situations:

“OOPS, you missed the turn….”


“Does this thing make me look fat ?”


“What time will you be home tonight ?”


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“Crap”, “Holy Crap”... best, if humor is available, with a Scottishly-rolled rrr. “H’ly Crrrap!”

The French trill in “Merrrde!” is also good, but it’s not really me.

I wish I could develop the habit of using “Great Scott!” or other more interesting non-Christian non-poop non-fornication ones.

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I use:
Mother of Pete
Son of a Gofer
Hell in a Handbasket
Aw Hell

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“These pretzels are making me thirsty!”

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Geez Louise
WTF (aka wed., thurs., fri.)
Whatta crock
Sonofa beach
Ohhhhhh shit
Oh snap

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Around kids & strangers:
Oh my
Oh my goodness

At other times I may escalate to:
Holy shit

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“THIS is Ceti Alpha 5!”

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^ Awww…that’s cute. haha

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“What the Trump is WRONG with you?”

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Oh shhhhhhhhugar!

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Actually I don’t use Oh my God that much. I tend to say “Oh God”.

Other expressions include: damn, hell, Jesus, shit.

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Fuck me dead! (To which my husband usually replies “I’d rather not”).
Far out!
Jesus Christ!
Jesus Fucking Christ.

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In the name of the wee man. An odd expression but it isn’t uncommon here.

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^ I love that one @flutherother. I think I might try yelling that one just to see the reactions around here. They already think I say weird things.

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“Land O’ Goshen!” is one of my old time, all time favorites.

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Christ on a bike
Fuck me gently

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Ciba-Geigy – sounds nice!!! WTF will top the list for me.

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2nd Place…..the Silver Medal


I’ve been there before…..

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Mine is either OH SHIT! or what the fuck!

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F**k ME!

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@Pachy haha, that’s a good one too. :-p

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@Coloma—it comes in VERY handy, I can tell ya.

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All the things I would use “Oh My God” for I’d probably used, “Holy shit!” if I didn’t want to use OMG.

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I’ve been paying attention the past few days, and I’ve had some frustrations, and I realize my list includes:
Holy moly
Holy crap

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