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Chinese Government vs Human Rights?

Asked by Carla (533points) August 10th, 2008

Is the chinese government behaving like the nazi’s? Are we being hypocrits by not addressing their killings?

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Check out the wikipedia page on human rights in China. It’s an interesting read. Especially the counter arguments’s_Republic_of_China#Counterarguments

After reading the article, it seems like Westerners are trying to impose their own beliefs on the Chinese. Rather than valuing the individual, the Chinese value the collective.

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jcs007 your link does not connect to any article, it is a blank wikipedia page. Would you please post the link again. Thanks.

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that’s weird. I tried the link myself and it didn’t work. There is an article on Chinese human rights that has the title in the link: Human rights in the People’s Republic of China.

I just did a search on Wikipedia using the terms “Chinese human rights”. Should take you to the article that I was trying to link to.

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