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Do you find it weird to call your significant other by his or her first name?

Asked by jcs007 (1776points) August 10th, 2008

I find it awkward to call my girlfriend by her first name. And I find it frustrating that the awkwardness involved is keeping me from directly addressing her. So I just say “hey” or something similar.

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HAHAHA im am exactly the same way! I very rarely call my girlfriend by her name. Its always “babe” or something like that.

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no I do alot of the time I also call him by his nickname that others call him.

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When he makes me mad I call him by his first name and it freaks him out… :D

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Yeah I know exactly what you mean, I usually call my gf “Hey you, dumb bitch that spends all my money and ruined my life”

(That’s just a little joke for yas)

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ha, yea I guess I don’t but never thought of it before. Wonder why that is

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Ha, simone, you get points for that

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We have the same first name – Chris. (Christopher & Christina) It’s almost a little weird to call each other by our first names, especially in a heated discussion. It’s funny, I can’t think of what he really calls me – I know I call him honey or big guy.

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I usually say her fullname when she’s in trouble.

Nickname all other times.
Mahal which means love in Tagalog and she’s not even Filipino.

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I’ve always called girlfriends by their first name. Nick names are ok, but not those little pet names. I think it shows more respect to call them by their actual name than some generic pet name. That’s just me though.

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If I’m mad or can not otherwise get her attention, sccrowell will hear her first name, but normally I call her by a pet name (babe, sweetheart, etc.).

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I don’t have any problems addressing my husband by his first name. He has a wonderful name—John. I seem to say his first name more often when we are being intimate with one another. More like whispering his name then anything else. Other times, I tend to call him honey or sweetie, but in my playful moods I call him Johnny. He, on the other hand, calls me Baby. When we were dating and he would call me Baby, I jokingly told him that he only called me Baby so he wouldn’t confuse me with any of his other girlfriends! Of course, now that we’ve been married for a while, I hope my joke isn’t a truism.

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I almost never call my b/f by his first name. Only if Im mad or he isnt listening.

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not for meee, nope. i have realized that they never call me by MY name though, haha! even with my best friend.

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It doesn’t feel weird at all for me to call TimothyKinney Tim, but I do pay extra attention when he calls me by my name, I guess just because he doesn’t do it that much. It’s usually “baby” “sweetie” “sugar lumps” or of course the one you guys have heard the most about, “shlumps”

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I was thinking about this the other day, how often that I talk to someone I like but never actually say their name. But then when I do, I like it, like it feels personal or something. Maybe it just takes me back to when I would completely fall for a guy I didn’t really know, and how nice it felt when he said my name since I was surprised he actually even knew it..

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I usually call my boyfriends by their names. I think it’s funny that how I say his name changes depending on what I want to talk to him about. If I need to ask him a question it “Hey ___?” If I’m excited about something and can’t wait to tell him it’s “___!!!”

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Generally, it’s “honey” if I want a favor, or “Guy” which is his nickname. (Mine is “Lady.” Long story, not that interesting!) I call him by his real name around other people or when talking about him.

Side note: I worked with a lady who referred to her husband as “Husband.” As in, “Husband and I went to the store.” If she used his real name she would follow it by saying, “That’s husband,” and then go on with her story. Every time she mentioned him, she did this. What a riot! That was her only quirk but it sure made me chuckle.

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I didn’t. I was very used to it. I could switch back and forth with ease. Now that she is a mom though, I find it weird to call her by her name.

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I don’t call him by name often. I usually call him by his pet name most of the time.

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Funny…I actually NEVER call my husband by his first name (always pet names), and save his name for times when I’m irritated or upset. I guess that’s why I always feel strange when he addresses me by my name (which he does more often), and constantly wonder if he’s irritated or upset with me when he does it.

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haha! That’s a good question. I actually don’t find it weird at all, I actually just got married a few months ago, and I love my husband’s name, so I don’t mind calling him by his name at all. I still find it weird to call him sweetie or honey, it has slipped out a few times. I think babe or baby are okay, but sweetie and honey, I don’t know…I just think they sound weird when I say them. Maybe it’s because I’ve always heard old people saying that. Or newly married people, and it used to make me wanna puke! I know that sounds horrible, but that was when I was a teenager. It sounds fine to me now when other people say it, just not me!

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