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What is a normal frequency of this health question (details inside)? NSFW?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (11489points) June 17th, 2017

Urinating per hour. For a 40 years old man. In general.

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Once every two to four hours.

But if you are being asked by a medical professional, tell the truth.

Frequent urination is symptomatic of other things, like diabetes or prostate problems.

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It depends on how much liquid you are drinking. Especially water.

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It can also be a side effect of a new medication. Have you been prescribed anything new lately? Are you trying out any new OTC’s? Have you been prescribed a diuretic? Tea and coffee—caffeine in general—have diuretic properties, as does soda and beer.

Polyurination is also a sign of a bladder infection. Check your urine: is it cloudy? Does it smell bad? Are there traces of blood in it? Does it burn when you pee? Does your bladder still feel like you have urine in it after you pee? You might have a bladder infection.

You’re going to hate this advice, but you should be drinking a lot of water if you have a bladder infection.

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Thanks @all. I will see if the new medication prescribed helps.

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