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What is the secret to a wound healing with the least amount of visible scarring?

Asked by Dutchess_III (46860points) June 21st, 2017

I think the majority of it hinges on having a good doctor who knows how to sew, and not letting it get infected.

What are your thoughts?

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If it’s sewn, a good stitching does help.

Some wounds and cuts aren’t sewn.

Keeping it moist with antibacterial ointment or Vaseline helps the new strands of collagen not become a scar. There might still be redness, but that usually fades over time.

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A lot depends on the wound itself. A straight cut will heal with less of a scar. A jagged cut will leave more scar tissue.

Yes. If it required sutures, the skill of the person doing the sewing is important.

Short of that, a good triple antibiotic ointment, or well cared for wound should do well. Then there’s time. In time, scars will fade…..

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Sulfuric acid hides the scar really well.

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LOL! I’m sure it would!

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I donated a kidney and the scar where they inserted tools looks like a ¾ inch scratch. I’ve had worse from kittens. It was laparoscopic surgery.

That’s neat, but the REALLY cool part is how they they made the big cut to remove the kidney. They sliced in at my belly button to remove the kidney.

I don’t have my navel. It’s gone. Obliterated.

But I have a new “navel” which is the scar that looks EXACTLY like a belly button. Even a doctor would not guess I had major surgery without being clued in.

My surgeon was an artist.

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Nutrition, namely protein, is vital when healing any wound. Otherwise they tend to come open, and a big wound that filled in with scar tissue leaves a much larger scar than one where the edges just resealed themselves.

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