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What (THE HECK?!?!?) is the draw of Nascar?

Asked by JonnyCeltics (2721points) August 10th, 2008
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It’s boring…duh…only fun to watch the cars wreck, and I can watch those highlights on, or probably the news.

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Yea I always used to tell my 3 friends that like NASCAR that they shouldn’t even spend money to get seats at the track because they can get the same enjoyment out of sitting under an umbrella in lawn chair on the side of the highway.

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haha…good one porkxsoda….also another thing, I think formula racing is much more entertaining…they make right turns, and drive cooler cars.

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since I started dating my boyfriend, he’s dragged me to Formula One, two IndyCar, and one Nascar (it was his first Nascar and basically he likes anything that goes fast)... I thought it was the single worst experience of my life… it was like Chinese water torture. BLECH. Formula One and IndyCar? Fabulous.

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If you have to ask you wouldn’t understand.

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I don’t really get it, either. My father loves it and I try to watch with him but I always end up getting bored and asking how much talent it really takes to make a 100-something-mph three-hour-long right-hand turn.

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@macbean I thought they made left turns? I don’t really watch nascar, but thought they only made left turns all day. I’m really only going off little clips and things from movies I’ve seen.

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@RandomMrdan—Yup, you’re right! They do generally go counterclockwise! Whoops. My mistake. Another case of me not double-checking what I’ve written before hitting the button to post.

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I don’t understand why people enjoy watching cars drive around in circles either.

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so no one has actually answered WHY they like it…hmmm…

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1,000 HP cars, noise, wrecks, drivers with massive egos, scantily dressed bimbos, beer, Americas #1 watched activity! Now you know, JonnyC.

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You kidding me? Ultra Muscle Cars, Death defeying speed of 200+ on a few tracks, My favorite driver against my all my buddies, relatives with a small $5—$10 bet on non Football Sundays, Laying around napping, And waking to watch the end, etc.
#1 reason The Cars are totaly insane muscle cars, And if you ever got to sit in 1, or watch a super-speedway race live, You’d know!

-Jeff Gordons #1 fan!

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