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If you could bring someone back to life, who would it be?

Asked by AtSeDaEsEpPoAoSnA (1502points) August 11th, 2008

Loved ones, best friends, religious icons,.........Elvis. It can be whoever or whatever(pets).

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Heath Ledger.

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Myself, after I die.

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Gianni Versace of course

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I would bring back my friends son, he recently passed away at age five from drowning. So trajic, I wish It never happened and it could be taken back.

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Wow TheHaight. Sorry for the loss. How is the friend doing?

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Thanks. She’s not doing good at all, but when she is occupied with her job, etc she’s fine. I couldn’t imagine going through what she has but she’s so strong

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As we all know time heals most wounds.

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@At: some wounds never heal; the scar tissue thickens but the loss remains to weigh the heart down.

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Bob Marley , because he’s the only one that made me understand this world after Jesus.

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Thats why I said most wounds.

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But I understand what you are saying @gail

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J Dilla.

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I’d bring back my grandfather, but I am afraid that all of the changes in this world would give him a heart attack!

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My stepson. But… he sent me a dream after he died, in which we were in a place I didn’t like – it was kind of craggy and austere. I said, let’s get out of here! and he laughed at me and said
Don’t you get it? This is what I wanted.

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I’m going with Ghandi. At present, The world is in great need of a strong, effective leader; a leader who understands the value of harmony and peace, of acceptance and humility, and realizes that force and aggression cannot sway the hearts and minds of people.

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For personal reasons, my Grandmother. There is so much I wanted to ask her, so much I could have learned from her. I miss her still, long after her death. For the world as a whole, I’m with Tiny: Ghandi.

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sorry, i couldn’t resist correcting you guys since you misspelled his name consecutively. It’s “Gandhi” :)

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My Papa (not the father kind, the great-grandpa kind). He was an amazing man – never got mad at anyone and had a genuinely kind heart. He would give you the shirt off his back (literally) if you needed it. Anyway.. I miss him very much.

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@allie: aw, the way you described him reminds me of my papa as well! And I also call him papa, but he’s my grandpa. I’m sorry for your loss, mines still here and I spend as much time with him as I can. ;)

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at PnL: Thanks

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Oops. But I can always count on a fellow flutherite to point out my mistakes and short comings. Hey, I can spell Nietzsche correctly. :)

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@tiny: You’re quite a bit ahead of me, then!

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tiny, i meant it in the nicest way possible

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My two brothers and my dad.

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The founding fathers so they could clarify the constitution and publicly state (again) that this is not a country founded on religion.

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I’m having a philosophical problem with this question, bear with: What if they didn’t want to come back, and were brought here against their will? Would saying “sorry” help?
What would they tell us about the “other side”? Frankly, I don’t want to know. “For in that sleep of death, what dreams may come, must give us pause…”
I have family and friends that I miss horribly, that I miss like they were a piece of my soul torn out; but I would never wish them to come back. I just wish they’d stayed. I don’t know.

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@ allie and haight I want my Papa back too he died this past November. He sounds like your Papa I miss him so much. I visit his grave often and talk to him. Every time I go I cry I don’t think it will ever stop.

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@kmt You raise totally valid points. I was thinking of this question as more esoteric than actual.

In that spirit, Martin Luther King. We could use his vision.

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@gooch, I am so sorry for your loss. I would be the same way too, and just thinking about it makes me tear up. There’s just something about our Papas! Hard working, gentle men. ♥

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gooch: I go visit my Papa, too. I tell him everything that’s going on. It makes me feel better and, in some odd way, still connected to him. What am I saying? That’s not odd. I’ll always be connected to him. Always.

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my friends mom because no one deserves to lose both parents tradegically without having a true parent to lean on when times are tough. I miss her.

I try my best to be there for my friend.

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I’d bring back EVERYONE whose death was “unjustified,” such as those who went too soon, were just “too nice,” who died due to a tragic accident; in other words, I’d want to bring back everyone whose death was just “not right.”

September 1, 2008, 7:23 PM EDT

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