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Will you join me in saying goodbye to country legend Glen Campbell?

Asked by NomoreY_A (5488points) August 8th, 2017

Glen has passed away from Alzheimer’s at age 81. RIP to a country music legend.

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Goodbye. I remember when he was on tour as a guitarist with the Beach Boys in the mid 1960’s.

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Mr. Campbell was a very talented musician and performer who left a great legacy which will be admired by anyone who knows class when they see it. Most of us can only dream of making such a mark in this world…..

Thanks, Glen.


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What a dreadful way to go. RIP Glen.

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And I need you more than want you/And I want you for all time,/And the Wichita Lineman /Is still on the line…

Great legacy!

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He was Gentle on My Mind. Goodbye Glen.

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He always impressed me as a pleasant affable man. I hope Terri Gross will rerun her interview of him. Rest in Peace.

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I learned to appreciate Glen Campbell in recent years.

When I was a little kid, he was one of those middle-of-the-road people on summer TV specials, who had elevator-friendly hits with full string sections.

Then I read a story about his guitar on Wichita Lineman, where the “bass” intro was Glen. That got me interested in his string work.

That led me to his work in the Wrecking Crew as a session guitarist. And I learned he was a huge part of 1960s music history. Glen Campbell is in recordings by Elvis, Frank Sinatra, the Beach Boys, the Monkees, the Righteous Brothers and a many, many more. There was more than I can remember.

And oddly enough, all that kind of obscure history made me appreciate his overplayed hits more. I really love his covers of Wichita Lineman, Gentle on My Mind, and By the Time I Get to Phoenix.

Here’s an example of how Glen Campbell was a musician’s musician:
Glen Campbell & Ray Charles sing I Got A Woman

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The Wichita Lineman will always be on the line. RIP

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Since no one has yet mentioned it, he was a session player when he played on the hit Tequila for the Champs.
In film, he did pretty well playing a Texas ranger in “True Grit”.

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I’ve always loved Wichita Lineman, but the one that still gives me chills after all these years is Gentle on My Mind. RIP, Glenn—you are gentle on my mind.

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So long to a sweet country soul.

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I’m listening to the interview now on “Fresh Air” for those of you who can pick it up from an NPR affiliate.

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Here’s a moving interview with Alice Cooper about his long-time relationship with Glen Campbell

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