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How do you feel about smoking cigarettes?

Asked by crunchaweezy (1733points) August 11th, 2008

Do you do it? Why? Does it disgust you?

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No and yes.

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I’ve been told by friends that it helps them relax, these friends are aged from 14–16. I don’t understand, even knowing it’s risks people still spend money on them and it doesn’t do any good.

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It does not bother me. I smoke ciggerettes myself although sometime I wish I could quit for my own health reasons.

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The additives in cigarettes are a real problem, cigarette addiction is a very bad thing, and the health risks are both serious and obvious.

That being said, tobacco smoking is an ancient ritual that is very enjoyable. If you don’t smoke excessively, you brush your teeth, and you wash your clothes, it is not disgusting.

Cigarettes are bad for you, and if you smoke continuously they will kill you. There are really no health benefits (besides some studies that show that they make you more alert), only consequences. Lung disease, heart problems, throat and mouth cancer, and so on.

I often consider smoking and overeating similar. Both have obvious health risks if done constantly, but when they are done only occasionally are not very harmful.

The two biggest problems with cigarettes are the additives (which simply shouldn’t be included and are very bad for you), and the effect on non-smokers. Second hand smoke is a real issue, and it blurs the argument that smoking is a personal choice.

Its a complicated issue.

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Join the club.

So I give up smoking, Del gives up sex, PnL gives up ice cream and chocolate, Allie gives up booze, and shilolo gives up caffeine.

I quite smoking tomorrow.

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@trumi. No. It’s not a complicated issue. If you start smoking, it’s difficult to stop. If you don’t stop pretty damn fast, you die. Period.

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Ditto what Gail said.

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@susan: I don’t think that’s fair, and frankly I don’t like that so many people see it as a black and white issue. It is very bad for you and will kill you if you keep it up, but the same can be said for a lot of things that we don’t so quickly condemn.

But I don’t want a big retaliation, I think most of the people here agree with you.

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I used to smoke. I loved it. I miss the feeling at times. I miss how relaxing it was and how it just made the ride home from work so much more interesting. I tried quitting 8 times and using different methods and even mixing methods. The last quit was the hardest and it stuck. I haven’t craved it enough to buy anything. I think about it often though but I simply don’t want to smoke. I get to the point of thinking of buying a pack and and only having 1 but then I remember that was what made me startup the last 7 times I tried quitting.

To answer question, smoking felt the best after a good meal or while drinking. It just helped me relax. Quitting isn’t easy. Its very hard to quit smoking. And to admit to having a problem with something that equates to breathing in and out is hard to do.

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@mrjadkins: Great answer! I’ll remember this when I quit smoking!

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Trumi, you just repeated exactly my point: “it is very bad for you and will kill you if you keep it up”.
“Unfair”? What the bloody hell are you talking about?

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I’m very athletic and just the though of how it will bring difficulties later on in life, which I will not be very happy with and would hate to see my life shortened for a short time pleasure that will always cost money.

If I want to feel good, I just go out and run. Works every single time.

(I’m 15 by the way)

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when I smoked I enjoyed it

Now I’ve quit the idea makes me feel a bit sick.

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I love to smoke! I love lighting a cigarette, inhaling, and exhaling…

Too bad I don’t do it anymore. :(

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Never took to it and it killed too many close family members.

I don’t particularly care one way or other, except when I’m trying to eat or if I’m in a confined space and have to deal with inhaling second-hand, especilaay if my kids are with me. When in Vegas just have to grin and bear it.

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No thanks.

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I have never smoked, not even just to try. I will NEVER forget the day I saw my grandfather in the hospital with cancer. He had tubes coming out of everywhere. It was the scaryest thing to me. I was 9 at the time. (1989) He died a month later. I don’t want my grand kids to see me that way if I can prevent it.

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No. YUCK!!!! ‘Nuff said.

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i smoke every now then. mostly socially. i love how they make me dizzy.
i just recently bought a pack cos i just turned 18 and my friend and i though it was funny.
but i dont consider myself a “smoker” and i’m definately not addicted. :)

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I don’t smoke and I do not appreciate others smoking anywhere around me. If they want to kill themselves (or “light up”, whichever way you see it) in a private room, that’s their prerogative.

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Don’t start, kid. It’s a dirty habit. I know. Oh yes, I know.

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Oh, I have no intentions of starting, but when someone says they’ll “quit” they don’t get it.

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I love smoking (but i quit)
I feel relaxed, I love the way the smoke goes into the air and the weird forms you can see, how, when you blow it, it hits a glass, love the taste.
How it gets burned, consumed, like a passion tamed… mmm, but is a bad habit :s

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Flameboi makes me want to start.

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Oh susan, I have a problem describing the things I love everybody wants to start afterwards :)

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I just never understood why people do it. It seems kind of pointless to me.

I smoked for a period of about 2 months, then I got over it.

I’m sure people have their reasons, but I just don’t see it.

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I’m starting on chantix this saturday. I bought 4 packs of cigarettes, and when they are gone I hope to be smoke free. I think I’ll take a break and go have one now…...

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Scamp; After the heart attack, you weren’t frightened enough to go cold-turkey? Anyway, after those four packs, think of your new grandbaby…he is surely on his way by now.

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If I could go cold turkey, There would not have been heart attack because I would have quit long ago. My ex husband has had several heart attacks, has 9 stents in his heart and still continues to smoke like a chimney. Just be glad you never had the addiction. It is anything but easy to beat.

Today is Max’s due date, and my daughter is still having cramps/contractions, so we are keeping our fingers crossed. He seems to have a mind of his own. We thought he was coming several days ago. The little imp decided to stick around a little longer tho.

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@scamp: you and your family our in our thoughts :)

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Thanks so much Jon!

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@scamp. My wife hung around her mom’s uterus about two weeks longer than needed. She’s very loyal, but very independent (the word stubborn also comes to mind). :)

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@tinyfaery , my SO says that my daughter is such a good host, Max has decided to stay! ha ha!

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i don’t do it. i think it’s pretty nasty, and the smell is gross when they’re burning, but i don’t preach to people not to smoke, and i don’t think less of anyone that smokes cigs. i think it’s really dangerous and don’t understand it whatsoever because it’s not like you get a high off of it or anything, just lung problems. but i’ve never even tried, so i guess i wouldn’t know, eh? i guess it’s just the peer pressure thing or whatever.
and i hope the best for everyone trying to quit. <3

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