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What would you like to tell about yourself that nobody is aware of?

Asked by imrainmaker (7703points) August 10th, 2017

Funny Answers please.

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I hate apple pie

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I am your mother.

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My toenails need cut.

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I keep my sunglasses on in bed; my beard comes off though.

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I’m really a 75-year-old white man. I love guns and hate vegetarians. Rock ‘n’ roll is Satan’s music.

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I like the smell of old-school Expo markers. I have a stash of them.

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I still eat library paste. In fact, that’s the only thing I ever eat.

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I ordered those Tate / La Bianca murders in the summer of 1969…..not Charles Manson….

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I eat Crisco sometimes OR I’m really a 75-year-old white man and I love guns and hate vegetarians.

Take your pick.

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Why do you specifically want funny answers?

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That I’ve secretly want to go into politics ever since I was 4. Its why I act like a prude. Because I want to be prudent just in case someone looks into my past.

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@rockfan – I want it to be on a lighter mode not serious discussion..That’s why I mentioned it.

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I went to boarding school

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I lurve to take the less travelled road, all the time, for everything…

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I like taking tests.

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I have free health insurace through my employer.

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I forgot, I just got back here after an 8-year hiatus.

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One of my ears is a little lower than the other so glasses sit cockeyed on my face.

Welcome back @flameboi !

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@chyna oh yes I have the same problem and one of my ears always hurts because of this.

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This is why God invented contact lenses.

(Just sayin’....)

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Have the frame adjusted by your optician.

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@ragingloli on yes but not long after the frame would go back to that crappy situation . I believe this is a matter of frame material, I must abaondon plastic frames. Period.

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Pastic frames can be heated and bent,

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Or, you could have ear re-alignment surgery.

(people in LA have that done all the time….)

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I haven’t seen anyone with that issue so far to be common it is?

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My cousin in Pasadena specializes in it.

Just Google Dr. Billy Bong, then hang onto your hat…

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