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What are your cravings?

Asked by imrainmaker (7703points) August 11th, 2017

I know particular food items will be no. 1 on the list for many. What is it other than food that you crave?

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Love, intimacy, understanding, acceptance.

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Cravings or addictions?

Never mind, doesn’t matter.

Dark Chocolate
Bean Burritos
Potato chip sandwiches (regular chips, not the ridged variety)

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Sleeping, food and internet.

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^^ By whom? :))

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His priest.

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Sometimes intimacy.

Often I crave just peace and serenity, being alone, maybe on the deck in nice weather.

Sometimes I crave travel.

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To rule the world,he,he,he, oh wait that’s Trumps cravings.
I crave to be the best husband to Mrs Squeeky that I can, that and home made chocolate chip cookies.

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Free time with no one else wanting me to do anything, or even to know what I choose to do with the time.

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Beef. Steak in particular. I don’t get enough of it.

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Burritos. The kind I make.

Chocolate covered cherries. Hubs bought me a box for my birthday on July 24th. I have 4 left.

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But I thought you survive on air, Dutch!

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Air and one chocolate covered cherry a day @jca! It gets bad, though, when Rick burns a cinnamon roll scented candle. The air doesn’t taste a thing like a cinnamon roll. I finally had to throw it out. I got one called “dirty diaper.” It doesn’t make me hungry.

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Dang it @ZEPHYRA! I LOVE CHEESE CAKE!!! All that other stuff I can resist, but not cheesecake! Now what am I supposed to do???

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@Dutchess_III: You mistakenly tagged me when you meant to refer to @janbb. I would never tease you about your claims to survive on one McNugget per day!

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Cookie dough, a new Tarantino movie, and a presidential assassination.

I’ll settle for him choking on a taco bowl or a big, beautiful piece of chocolate cake

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LOL!! You people are are the same! And I only eat the left over nuggets from the kids Happy Meals, which is why I only eat one.

Oh! Cookie dough! Oh no. You guys are killing me.

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KFC (I know, Lord, take me!), arepas, burgers, fries, crisps (the regular ones), chick-fil-a spicy deluxe on Sundays, McDeath fries w/ ice cream, hot dogs, movie theater grade popcorn, rice & meat from the halal guys, locopops, nutella (a spoon full of) w/ cheese, Chinese (chifa style), meat, lots and lots of grilled meat… Sometimes coke (sugar sweetened coke), coffee…

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The ability to fly.

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Excellence at the highest level, victory and glory.

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Have not yet read the other answers, will do so after posting.

The forest

Dogs and cats

Ice skating


Snow in the mountains

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Someone is hungry.

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My tablet
Horror movies

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Watching classic movies in theaters, it’s sort of an obsession when my independent theater releases their Summer Classic Movie Series calendar

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@rockfan I in the last year I’ve seen Psycho, The Sound of Music, North by Northwest, Singing in the Rain, and Monty Python and the Holy Grail on the big screen. First time for me, although I’ve seen all of them on TV. What a wonderful world of difference the big screen, and a grateful audience, makes : )

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