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Do you have any good news?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (12081points) August 12th, 2017

Either you personally. Or in the news. Its all good. We all can use some good news.

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I sent an order form for new shoes last Friday and they arrived today 5 days before I had expected them. My old shoes, that I bought less than 2 months ago, had a hole in one sole already.

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Yeah, my latest cholesterol levels are terrific.

HDL – 49 mg/dL
Cholesterol – 114 mg/dL

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I thought I had great news earlier today when the women in our city announced that next week will be the inaugural debut of ‘Topless Tuesdays’.

(It turns out they are just a club for women who drive convertibles….)

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… unfortunately, just about everything else is falling apart. ;-)

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After days and days of tropical heat, it finally rained. There was a wonderful storm this evening, and the whole Sunday is predicted to be stormy and rainy too. You’ve no idea what kind of a relief this is.

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I got the gummed up carb cleaned on my neglected motorcycle and It’s running good now. Taking it for a spin tomorrow. Sipping scotch right now in front of the firepit with my wife…life is good.

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My recent check up went well. BP and cholesterol are good and I’ve lost a little over 50lbs. So yay, less chance of dying sooner.

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My recovery time after playing volleyball is getting shorter. Last month, when I played for the first time in about thirty years, I could barely walk for three days afterward. Stairs were chancy, and squatting was out of the question. This morning after playing last night, my plantar fasciitis was bothering me, but I got that stretched out, and now I’m fine. And I’m getting better at playing again, too. I’m still coachable after all these years.

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My friend was diagnosed with possible polyp couple of months back in GB. It looks like benigen as size has remained same after 2–3 months. So it won’t require any surgery as of now or may be never because of that!

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I woke up this morning.

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My sister closed the deal on the new house she bought. And she has keys and is moving in next Saturday. And me and my mom are moving in the following Saturday. So I don’t have to help her move but she is going to help me move!!

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As of Friday, my last student loan is paid off and my wife and I are completely out of debt.

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@SavoirFaire :: Congrats. That is a big deal and should be a pretty big weight lifted.

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I finally learned that it’s ok to be open about my feeling. Bottling it up would bite me in the ass in the long run. My past experience has prevented my from expressing ny feeling and it has been the source of my bad feeling. I shouldn’t feel bad to say what I feel to those close to me, and if they think I’m weak because of that, then they aren’t that close.

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@johnpowell It feels great. Plus, we can now afford to start a college fund for our son.

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@SavoirFaire – We should have Fluther party on this occasion…)

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@all Thanks.

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I have a niece that had a brain stem aneurysm a few years back. 27 years old and woke up one morning not feeling good and then collapse. She was not expected to live but she did. She was expected to be a vegetable, but retained full cognizance. She was expected to be “trapped in body” for the rest of her life, never being able to move on her own. I saw her a couple months ago. She is talking, can move her arms and legs, can stand with assistance and was doing physical therapy. There is some good news.

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It sure is.


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Sometimes those of us with few or minor health concerns forget or overlook how bad things can be, @seawulf575. Thanks for the reminder. I wish good luck and continued recovery to your niece.

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@seawulf575 That’s great news. Thanks for sharing!

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Summer has been mild here. I feel very fortunate. With raging fires in some places, broiling temps in some places, and brutal storms in many places, I have been sitting in a little pocket of decent weather, all the summer so far.

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Follow-up to my good news. Doctor informed me today that m,y cholesterol levels are so good I can go off one of statins. Yaaaaay !!!

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I guess no news is good news too.

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Nice job elephant !!

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@Pachy at 114, it might be low enough for both of us to toss the statins.

(Umm…...would you please pass the bacon….?)

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Good news…my puppy (now 6 months old) has learned to “fetch”...when she wants to!

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@PullMyFinger, from your lips (keyboard) to God’s ears.

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Let me see now, good news. Well, uh – N Korea has threatened to nuke Guam, China and India are rattling sabers, we have a looney toon for POTUS, there has been speculation that Yellowstone is overdue for a super volcano… Nah. Stop the world, I wanna get off.

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^^ Where would you go? In the space on a mission?

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