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Who likes Salt and Vinegar chips and what kind?

Asked by Edgarex86 (110points) August 11th, 2008

I absolutely love those damn chips, but I seem to be the only one that does. Am I really that weird? I wonder. My favorite brand is the one with the lighthouse. YUMMM

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Yup, Cape Cod are the best in my opinion.

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I love those chips….

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@ sweet_one, do you feel weird eating those chips? I mean part of the question was if you were the only one eating those chips in your family or group of friends

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Hold on a second while i throw up in my mouth. I appulade you for such strong intestinal foratude because I can’t seem to place them in my mouth without it burning my tongue. I think they are an taste like anchovies and sushi (which I adore).

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They taste really good in a sandwich. When I used to eat meat, there was nothing better than roast beef and cheese with salt and vinegar potato chips.

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@trudacia, I understand how food such as pickles improve overall flavors of the meal but how about eating them raw? Is this the same for salt and vinegar chips? I can’t bare witnessing someone devour them cold turkey.

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@Indy, I’ve always been a big sour fan. I pour vinegar over all my sandwiches and usually add extra to potato and macaroni salads. I’m sure many people would prefer sweet or savory… It all depends on the individual taste. I would never eat those crab chips and I don’t particularly care for lobster. Many would think I’m crazy…

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I love those damn chips too. I have been eating them since I was a kid. My eight year old devours them before I can get my hands on them though.

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…Do NOT eat the Lay’s stackable Salt and Vinegar chips that come in the cylindrical can. There is so much citric acid on them that they will make your tongue peel. Really. Especially because the shape of those chips encourage you to lay the curved part over your tongue, ensuring the most chip to tongue contact. Yes, they’re still pretty good for a cheap chip in a can. But, yes, your tongue will peel with them. And yes, it is disgusting and ugly.

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Yes…Cape Cod, and the salt and Black pepper ones aren’t too shabby either!

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Here in Northern California we have a brand called California Chips. They come in a few varieties including Salt and Vinegar, Black Pepper, Barbecue, etc. The one’s that I’m addicted to are called Earthquake Chips. They are a combination of different flavors, predominantly BBQ and Salt and Vinegar. The Salt and Vinegar flavor stands out most of all. These chips are decadent! I just can’t stop eating them. Not good.

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I like any brand of them but only when I’m in the mood.

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The British kind.

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I love those darn chips! And I love all brands. I recently tried the Pringles brand and it was pretty good for being pringles.

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Really great chips, even though If I am not paying attention while eating them I find myself absent-mindedly looking to see if someone has their shoes off.

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I think the first few chips are really yummy! After that my tongue kind of feels numb (that doesn’t stop me from eating them). This happens with Lays as well as Cape Cod for me….

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@astro, i need to find those earthquake chips.

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cape cod FTW! I have so many childhood memories of salt and vinegar chips.

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Miss Vickie’s—a Canadian brand, I think.

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Anyone ever try Salt and Vinegar chips with Tabasco? Talk about puckering up!

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