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Do you think Trump will resign?

Asked by flutherother (27746points) August 18th, 2017

He already looks like a lame duck president destined to achieve nothing. He has fallen out with his fellow Republicans, with the business community and with the media and all he has left are his increasingly irrational tweets like a dying canary in a cage. (OK, I’m mixing my similes here but I’ll let them stand.)

Do you think Trump will continue like this for another three years or do you think he will resign?

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I don’t think his supporters view him as a lame duck, and I doubt Trump feels he is either.

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Not unless he is forced to. If the Mueller investigation turns up collusion between Trump and Russia then he might offer resignation in exchange for not being prosecuted.

Trump’s supporters seem unmovable. Who knew there were so many white supremacist fascists running around? Things may change once it becomes apparent that the jobs they were promised are not going to materialize, but that could take a long time, and even then the supporters may look to Trump to push policies that discriminate against hiring those in minorities.

Keep in mind that being president is good for Trump’s economic interests.

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No, he will continue on his course to monetize the Presidency. Giving his son and son-in-law a heads-up so they can buy or sell large blocks of stock.

He may fire Mueller and The Congress along the way, if they don’t do what he tells them to do.

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If you look at my previous posts, I said he would resign within a year of being inaugurated. I’m still of the same opinion.

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No. He will do the full 8 years, at least.

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We (the world) are not that lucky.

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Steve Bannon has now left the building.

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Oddmakers as of August 17th:

Odds that Donald Trump will not finish his first term in office:
Ladbrokes (UK) 48% chance
Bovada (Las Vegas) 51% chance
SportsBook (Macau) 58% chance
PaddyPower (Ireland) 60% chance

Odds that Trump will be impeached in his first term in office:
Ladbrokes 24%
Bovada 27%
SportsBook 29%
PaddyPower 33%

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We can only hope.

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I think if it was made obvious to him that he would have to testify , and probably face multiple charges he would try to wiggle out. He’s declared bankruptcy several times, so he’s no stranger to taking the easy way out…

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No he’ll be assassinated before he gets the chance

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^Probably not. Most of those types are his supporters…

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Not really “those types” can likely be found here on fluther & you’d hardly call any of them supporters. ..ouch low blow klaxon

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He won’t quit. The man cannot admit the least bt of making a mistake; Resignation would be horrible to him.

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Not even typos.

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@ucme . While there is no shortage of Trump haters here, none would attempt to hurt the POTUS….

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^ Only down to not owning a set of balls big enough, y’now…keyboard warriors & all that shite

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No. They just don’t want him as POTUS…

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You don’t say

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My husband tells me that Trump’s speech in AZ yesterday was the beginning of his 2020 campaign. If that’s true, then everyone can just stop fantasizing that he “really doesn’t want to be president” or that he will quit.

If he does win a second term that will be the real nightmare. No concern about reelection.

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He’s never stopped campaigning. It’s more fun than doing the work.

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@JLeslie Trump started his reelection campaign back in February. Last night was the eighth rally since the Inauguration.

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@zenvelo Then why do Democrats keep talking about him hating being president? Or, that he will quit? It’s ridiculous. There is so much real and true shit to criticize Trump about, and then so many Democrats and the left wing media go too far, and then anyone who is moderate wants to just tune out. Democrats used to be able to say we tell the truth way more than all the falsehoods spread around by republicans, but that day is over in my opinion. Upsetting. Too much hypocrisy on both sides.

What if Hillary had said she wanted a few hours, or a day to review what happened in Charlottesville before making a statement, do you think her supporters would have been defending her? What if Hillary said their were good people on both sides, and then when criticized she said “on both sides of the issue of removing the statue.” Would her supporters have defended her? Would MSNBC have cut to the people interviewed in Memphis who I saw last week saying they don’t want the confederate statue taken down there? People who are not Nazis, just average people who are resistant or uncomfortable with change I guess.

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@JLeslie – people say he hates being President because he has obvious distaste for the requirements of the position. He just wants to do the parts he likes, and doesn’t have much patience for the rest. I don’t think that’s really in debate, is it? Does anyone think he’s enjoying himself?

I started going into examples I remember, but understand that just shows my own bias. Here’s some quotes, with links to the stories, all his own words.

I’d say the tone of the first 100 days was surprise, and since then he’s working hard to appear on the offensive, but I don’t think either of those is really the job of being President.

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^I don’t think there’s any debate that regular people also don’t want some of the statues removed.

The protesters that are the issue are the ones that are white supremacists, nazis, facists, separatists, and xenophobes. And those people are obvious in the unite the right crowd. Not all of them are nazis, but if you march with nazis, you can be sure the public will consider you one.

Those who protested alongside the nazis, should have been fully aware that they would be lumped in. Just as the POTUS should have quickly denounced their actions/agendas. But the agenda of the alt-right parallels the Trump agenda in many ways. And as David Duke stated, and Trump knows, these are the people who support Trump. Trump was stuck in a catch 22.
Hillary wouldn’t have had the conflict of interests after Charlottesville, and so she would have had no reason to hesitate denouncing the actions of the alt-right, or supporting those who were opposing them.

Trump ,in AZ, attacked the media for misquoting him, and spinning his remarks. But he then misquoted himself… And did another good job of making himself look exactly as depicted by the media.

No one is twisting his words, or lying about him. These are Trump’s words, Trump’s actions, and Trump’s supporters. And he and his supporters should be called on it.

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I think Trump will have his 8 years. Voters mainly care about the economy, health care, and security. As long as Trump can perform well in those areas, he will be reelected. Republicans having control of all three branches of government puts Trump in a good position to perform well. The only problem is the republican cucks not towing the platform line.

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@MrGrimm888 I agree marching with Nazis is the same as being a Nazi, but I’m sure some people, good people, showed up in “protest” to the statue coming down, and may not have even known the Nazis would be there in force, or even if they knew the supremicists would be there, they feel in their heart separate from that. They weren’t matching with them so to speak. If it were me, I would leave once I saw the supremicists. It’s picking apart words, and making assumptions of intention, and as VP Biden used to say, you can’t assume a man’s intention. I’m not sure what Trump meant honestly. Maybe he did mean there are good white supremicists. That of course is a horrible statement for him to make, but when I first heard him say it, I just thought he meant both sides of the statue issue. The topic wasn’t solely about the supremicists, it was about the issue of the statues just as much.

I’ve heard ten times on my TV today Trump never denounced white supremicists? Never? He’s said it a dozen times. He may be lying, he may say one thing, and do another, but to say he never denounced them? What Trump supporter is going to hear that and think, ooooh maybe these democrats have a point. I can show you a video of Trump denouncing supremicists 20 times in the last 20 years. Don’t get me wrong. I agree he didn’t do it while running for president, and he should have. I do think he lies, and/or has a very selective memory, but saying he never denounced them is a lie too. It just is. Whether you feel it is his true feelings or not is something else.

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Incorrect. Well, maybe misunderstood. The night of the Charlottesville incident, Trump’s first speech is what everyone is upset about. After two days of him catching hell for it, then he made a half assed slightly different statement. After the backlash. He has since been seemingly trying to circumvent the topic. He’s trying not to alienate his supporters. Plain and simple.

You said you would have left a protest if you noticed white supremacists there. Would you truly believe that there wouldn’t be any at such a protest? I doubt that one single person, who showed up didn’t know that there would be white supremacist groups there. That’s the entire reason that the counter-protesters showed up.

To suggest that anyone thought there wouldn’t be those elements of the alt-right in attendance is being deliberately obtuse.

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^^I meant if I saw them in force like that, in huge numbers, I would leave. When they used to march sometimes near where I lived, I didn’t go down there to check it out. But, it’s not simply because I’m disgusted by them, but also because I fear them. I fear Antifa also, because anyone who is oriented towards violence I don’t want to be around, but also because I’m the KKK’s target. They want to rid the earth of me.

This is what they’re watching.

Anyway, this whole thing I’m talking about is wanting to get through to his supporters and other republicans willing to vote for him, but that’s lost as usual. Luckily, a lot of Republicans have denounced the white supremacists during all of this so that’s good. At least their voices are out there. For most of them I think they just did it because they believed it would help them politically, but I’m still glad they did it. I said right after Charlottesville here on fluther Trump should have named the Supremicists groups and denounced them immediately, so I wanted that too!

Every time I’m on a thread like this I get worried Trump will win again, because I don’t feel the Democrats are getting through to the moderates and independents. It’s the same thing all over again, the same as what happened when it was Hillary vs Trump. Instead of people understanding I’m trying to speak from the republican point of view they just think I’m wrong and I need to be told what actually happened in their opinion. I’m a Democrat. I didn’t vote for Trump. I don’t support Trump. I’m for socialized medicine, pro-choice, pro civil rights including gay marriage, and not having ridiculous laws about bathrooms, I don’t want drug testing for “welfare” recipients, I could go on. Every answer I’ve given for the last ten years I’ve been here makes it clear that 80+% of the political issues I’m squarely with the Democrats.

On TV right now someone is talking about getting the Democrats back who voted for Trump. Let’s hope we can at least do that. At least this guy isn’t talking about the White Supremicists stuff. He’s talking about their pocket books, jobs, etc.

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