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Would Trump feel this is a good trade? Immunity from prosecution in exchange for resignation?

Asked by elbanditoroso (24918points) 3 months ago

Read this article link for background.

It suggests things will be getting worse for Trump in the next couple years.

If you were Trump, would you suggest and/or make a deal? Something like:

Immunity from all investigations – in exchange for – resignation.

Is there a deal to be made?

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The man is a stunning example of extreme mental illness. A few months ago Republicans were getting upset at trump’s disregard for the potential outcome of midterms. He was so nonchalant that they believed he had no idea what was in store if he lost. They were right.
And yet now, quoting your article, he is “Angry about his party’s midterm losses…

Just a few weeks ago I read where he said something along the lines of, “I’m the best president the people have ever had…at least I hope they feel that way.”
Now he’s being ”...mocked and condemned wherever he went. ...”

It’s ALL been there, right in front of him, all of this time but it took him 2 years for him to become ”...a brooding and petulant president…”

The self deception he must have been exercising all of this time is mind blowing.

To answer you question, for a normal, sane, intelligent person the answer is “Yes. Of course it’s a good deal.”
But it’s trump we’re dealing with. He may very well believe he is literally immune to prosecution and doesn’t have to concede anything.

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^Agreed. I think if it’s up to him, he will fight to the end. He knows he’s done illegal things, but he feels immune to the ramifications.

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It was just a good article all the way around. It gave me hope. I think we might finally have the douch bag on the run.
“He’s sitting in the Oval Office, scared and angry that the accountability he has outrun his entire life might actually catch up to him.”

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I hope they get him on the tax evasion stuff, with his inheritance from his father. That would mean a real federal prison for Don.

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Wouldn’t that be a daisy?

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Probably not. I’d be pretty certain there is more to the story than you are seeing. I’m guessing that he would not just step down. If he has done something wrong, and that is a pretty big “if”, he would get impeached before he would just walk away. There has been many, many efforts to find something…Anything…on him that would stick. It is doubtful anything will come of this. This is just more bluster by the left as far as I can tell.

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No. He will play the game until the end and perhaps do better than you think. Not because I love him or worship him, but because I think he truly believes he is the man that can get things done. I bet he went through various scenarios before he even ran with some very smart people. If the Clintons can get through all their various messes, Trump probably can, too.

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@KNOWITALL you’re probably right. The only difference I can see is that Clinton’s scandals came up in his second term, and he had done so much in his first term, most Americans didn’t want to see him impeached. So her survived on the basis of his accomplishments of the previous 4 years.

That’s unlike Trump, who hasn’t been able to build a record of accomplishment that is recognized by anyone other than the far right true believers. And he has been in scandal after scandal even before the inauguration. So Trump doesn’t have a well of good will to draw from.

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@elbanditoroso I’m not sure its just the far right anymore but we can agree to disagree on his fan club composition.

And no one seems to want impeachment at this point, Pelosi has always discouraged it. Usurping the peoples will (electorals) isnt a win for anyone. If you hate DJT, I cant imagine you liking Pence. He makes Trump look good comparitively imo. Dude is scary imo.

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WONDERFUL fantasy; but, I fear he wouldn’t go for it because he truly believes that he’s done NOTHING wrong!!! He doesn’t “like” the job yet he still NEEDS the job to fulfill his ego!!!

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^It’s not Trump’s fault. It’s his supporters that are the crisis.

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Yes, @MrGrimm888 it’s half the country that’s the problem. Maybe you are looking at the wrong half of the country as the problem…? Maybe it is all the hype that has you suckered in?

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The constant whiners & detractors who never shut the fuck up blabbering on about him & his supporters are the ones who appear to be mentally disturbed, verge of a nervous breakdown through obsession i’d say.

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@ucme Imagine how we feel, its a constant barrage of negativity. It’s almost having the opposite effect, like they think he is so bad, he must not be playing their game. Missiles flying over Isreal, he signed prison reform and even Dems are praising that, but its not all over the news-or fluther. Some people are very easily distracted from whats actually happening.

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His behavior this last week shows him starting to crack. I think it’s finally getting through to the egotistical, dumb sumbbitch that he’s in trouble, probably for the first time in his pampered life.

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@KNOWITALL It’s almost as if you should do away with the office of POTUS altogether, the population is split right down the middle, dowsed red or blue & so this hostility is happening no matter who gets the gig.
What’s funny though is those who keep twittering on about Trump & how utterly loathsome he is who are not even americans, jump on the hysterical bandwagon why dontcha :D

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@ucme Nah, each side grumps when the other is in office, this time it’s just worse because the Left sees him as the devil, and the Right sees him as a hero. It really is two completely different mindsets.

See, you get it. The more other countries gripe, the more many on the Right feel he’s actually doing well for us (making them pay their fair share, etc…) The Left seems to believe we should care what other countries think, the Right is all #MAGA, America First.

TBH, I kinda liked Obama, I agreed with some of what he did, or tried to do. I never felt the antagonism towards him that the Left does against Trump. There was no blue wave, and not really a red wave either, it’s just (to me) a waste of collective energy.

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@KNOWITALL Whenever anyone gripes about Trump over here, it’s with deep sympathy for American minorities and intense concern for the world.

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@longgone Okay, which minorities do you feel sorry for and why? Do you mean legal citizens of America or the illegal ones?

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Thank you @longgone. It’s a nightmare here.

Pretty much anyone who is not a white male is a minority it trump’s eyes, and not worthy of his concern.

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@seawulf575 . As usual, you don’t know what you’re talking about. There are no poles backing your claims that half of our country supports Trump. I have conceded that it’s likely a third, and that’s bad enough.

@KNOWITALL . You do yourself no favors, trying to cling to the GOP spin that you just care about illegal immigrants being stopped. Unless you’re an idiot that believesTrump’s BS. And I don’t think you are.

ALL of our lives, including the people in every other country, WILL be negatively affected by Trump’s destruction of our EPA, and backing out of international environmental agreements. Even the precious White Christians, will suffer, and die because of this. If I were God, I’d be happy to watch you all suffer the ramifications of your actions. I don’t see how any of you will make it to your heaven, after what you’ve done. I know you’re supposed to be eligible for forgiveness of your choices, but do you actually expect to be forgiven for such atrocious crimes against all creatures on the planet? Collectively, Trumpers have spit in the face of any/all gods.
No words I have ever spoken against religion, will ever approach the damage that Trumpers have collectively done to this planet, and every living thing on it.

I fail to understand what is really going on in the minds of Trumpers. Unless it’s the obvious. You’re willing to stop at nothing to make America as white, and Christian as possible, and will literally trade that for anything.
When all of the brown people are gone, the country will have lost dozens of coastal cities to rising water levels. All of the white Christians will be fighting over remaining land, and diminishing resources. All of the red states will become refugee centers for those that fled the coast. Disease and famine will be likely. Entire rivers, and lakes will become dead, from pollution (see China.) The rest will be overfished, and fought over for potable drinking water.

Once the starvation, and thirst really kicks in, I suppose they’ll have to go with marshal law, to try to stem the constant violence (we’ll still have plenty of guns, when the water dries up.)

Flooded nuclear power plants will be shuttered, and some will probably experience a failure leading to melt down. That’ll suck, because with resources being so limited, this will just add more desperation to the survivors.

We won’t have to worry about abortions anymore. There will be an exponential increase in miscarriages, and infant death rates. Science has proven that human health will suffer across the board, with such air quality, and pollution in every waterway, and ocean.

The lucky ones of course, will be those who allowed Trump to do this. As they will likely die before it gets really bad in 50–100 years. Those born in the next ten years or so, will have it the worst. The planet is barely adequate for sustaining 7 billion people now. There will be more people in years to come, but the land will be shrinking. Sort of like musical chairs. The world’s super powers will be forced to go to war with each other, over decreasing resources, and livable land.

The water will only continue to rise, and the environment will essentially get very sick. We will lose the majority of other species in a pretty short time. With the way everything is reliant on everything else, this will lead to catastrophic change.

The uber wealthy will probably live decent lives, for a bit. Eventually, they would lose any power they had, as the world economy dies, and there are no poor people to grow, pick, or bring them food, or protect them. They will then understand that without the poor, they are actually poor too.

The good news? When your grandchildren are killed and eaten by another starving human being. It’s likely that it won’t be a brown person doing it in America. Nope. A good ol’ white Christian, will be forced to do it, or die.

And that children, is when America will be great again!


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@MrGrimm888 Blah blah blah….I don’t need political advice from a non-voter…

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Ever own a fish tank? The slightest change in PH, or temperature, and all your fish immediately die. This is a great example of a microcosm of our environment. Further explanation should not be required.

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Why are conservatives so hung up on undocumented human beings? They are a small minority of our minorities.
For minorities we have women, blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans, Indians (from India,) gay people, bi people, trans people, atheists, podiatrists…we have millions of minorities to pick from, yet the conservatives just zero in on those poor people, mainly women and children who have been displaced from their homelands….like our ancestors were.

This is one of those situations where the religious people feel man’s laws outweigh the laws of God. How they reconcile that, I have no idea.

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@ucme, in regards to doing away with the office of POTUS, it does seem that way at times, but, that is the very reason our government was set up as is.
POTUS, Senate and House are to keep any one interest from taking off with the whole pie.
Citizens could be in every which direction with opinions, but hopefully those we elect for office will sort through all the dirt and find the diamonds.

When they toss aside something this or that group had hopes for, groans will be heard, but for the most part it actually works.

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@seawulf575 . I have explained what I would like America to be before. A diverse, healthy, educated population. The strongest nation in history, accomplished by coexistence, and working together.

Vastly reduced military spending, and reduced American military presence throughout the world.

Tax the wealthiest the most.

Massive overhaul of our electoral systems.

Vastly reduced wages for congress, and the house. Term limits. Any semblance of accountability.

Moves to make the country use only clean, renewable energy, and permanent independence from fossil fuels.

No private schools allowed anymore. That would greatly raise the overall quality of public schools.

Universal, and free health care for American citizens.

Those are some of my top things that I wish for the country.

@KNOWITALL , @seawulf575 .

I find it interesting that you claim to be constantly abused by me, when it’s always you two using personal attacks.
@KNOWITALL . I do have a job, I just want a better one. I do have a house. The only reason I was temporarily homeless is because 3 separate floods destroyed my old place, and all of my belongings. It’s not easy to start over from scratch 3 times. Even though you are a apparently an awful person, I hope you never have to go through what I have.
I have never been to jail, so don’t worry about bail. I suppose I am relieved that you have not reproduced. Although I have my doubts it’s by choice.

I’m sorry you get so mad when I point out your hypocrisy…

@seawulf575 . If you keep calling me names, I won’t invite you to Obama’s next book signing…

I want to make sure to ask the mods to please not remove any of @KNOWITALL or @seawulf’s posts. Let them remind them who the real “pathetic examples of humanity” are

Peace n love.

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@MrGrimm888 You won’t invite me to Obama’s next book signing? Promise?

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^It’s a threat. Not a promise. I believe in second chances too…

Patty. I never claimed, that I wasn’t deluded… May I ask what specifically was so delusional? It may help my understanding of something.

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First of all, trying to claim that others are name calling, that you are not.
I have seen you on multiple posts within multiple threads lumping all Trump supporters together with all sorts of mean name calling.
Taking a dig at someone’s fertility, that is just so wrong.
I know first hand the terrible strain of suffering tragedy and having to start over, multiple times, and I can empathize with you on that, but don’t use that as an excuse to verbally batter people you disagree with.
Of the things you list as what you want, some can’t happen, some shouldn’t, and some are being worked on by Trump.
If he is successful in bringing some of those things about, would you then view his presidency in a better light?

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@Patty_Melt Yeah that’s fair enough, the Democrats however just look like dirt :D

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It certainly looks as if Trump is planning to end the Mueller investigation. Why else would he want to get rid of Sessions? Sessions is one of Trump’s earliest and staunchest supporters. The only gripe that Trump had regarding Sessions is that he recused himself in the Mueller investigation. In selecting the acting attorney general, Trump notably bypassed Rod Rosenstein, the second in command at DOJ, because Rosenstein has said that he does not oppose the investigation. There is a question as to whether this move is legal.

If Trump terminates or defunds the investigation, it will open up a Constitutional crisis. One has to wonder what Trump is so afraid of if, as he keeps claiming, he is innocent.

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That change is not about Mueller.

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What is your explanation?

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First off, I severely apologize for the comment about grandkids. It was meant to be a metaphor for all Trumpers, because of the environment. I was not attacking your fertility @KNOWITALL . You said you had no kids by choice, I thought.
I didn’t see it that way. I was clearly wrong in how I thought it would be interpreted.

Patty. I do lump all Trumpers together. I just don’t consider that personal attacks. Maybe I’m wrong…

If Trump accomplished some of the things I mentioned, yes I would view his presidency differently. Unfortunately, his agenda is much different than my hopes. The only two things that I was actually aligned with Trump on were reducing military spending, and term limits. Well, he increased military spending, and let’s be honest term limits was just a lie.

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@L..I.P Matt Whittaker is prepared to move forward with things which have been gathering dust.

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@MrGrimm888 It’s cool man, I’m over it. I just wouldn’t want you to say that crap to other women, who actually DO have those issues, that would be very hurtful to a few women I know.

But fyi I’m not even a Trumper. I just don’t think he’s the evil wizard in your apocalyptic scenario.

While we’re on the subject though, there’s a whole movement of women who choose not to have children. Here’s a good article on the current situation-a 30 year low…pretty crazy.

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^As I attempted to explain, it was just a blanket statement about what the future will bring, because of Trump’s changes to the EPA, and other international agreements. Fertility wasn’t an intended subject.

I have been really careful with having kids too. I have always been terrified that I would have them with the wrong girl, and that the kids would suffer as a result. I have an unfortunate attraction to crazy girls. That doesn’t bode well for making a family.
Honestly, I have some work to do on myself too, before I should be a father…

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@MrGrimm Maybe try a few non crazy ones, you know a good woman can change your life and help you chase all your dreams. I liked bad boys but married a good man. You may be surprised how nice life can be without drama, cheating or any of the ‘crazy’. You are a good guy (deep inside lol), you deserve a good woman.

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Yes, ^ but I’m pretty busy right now. <giggle>

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Trump finally seems to be rattled though. I think the real world is finally breaking through his narcissistic shell.

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@KNOWITALL . I appreciate your positive vibes.

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@KNOWITALL Both. And I feel sorry for minorities listening to Trump talk. Many different ones over time.

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