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What does AAA prime rib beef jerky taste like?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19445points) August 20th, 2017

I only eat the outside tender parts. Can I make beef jerky with the inside part of the prime rib? Would it taste better? In an oven? I don’t have a smoker. When compared to beef jerky from the flank steak?

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My previous question I would eat it quickly so I shouldn’t worry about it going rancid.

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It tastes like beef jerky.

Using an excellent cut of meat for such a process destroys the reason one pays a higher price for a better cut and grade. Don’t waste your limited income on ruining expensive meat.

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in my area costs Jerky about $10 US for 4 ounces (not prime). If you going to make your own it helps to have a delicatessen rotary slicer to get uniform slices. You’ll also need an oven that can hold 170* F or a dehydrator.
Maybe you can find another source; my COSTCO has Kirkland Premium Cut Steak Strips Dried Beef Jerky. It is uniform tender all the way through and easy to chew.

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It tastes like salt, just like it all does.

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Not really much point in using tender prime meat for something that is, by design, tough and dry.

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