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With the end of season 7, do you have any predictions for Game Of Thrones?

Asked by filmfann (45321points) August 28th, 2017

Who kills who?
Who hooks up?

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There will be no season eight in 2018

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I predict it’ll be full of plot holes, hokey dialogue, absurd contrivances, irrational out-of-character decision making, and lots of “epic” action with some bad CGI.

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Sam tells Jon he’s not a Stark (oh wait, ya he’s even more of a Stark, but now has popularity issues). Drama ensues. Sansa leads the Starks.

Big battle in the North eliminates all three dragons and and most of Daenerys’ forces and seems to defeat the ice king but now they have no advantage over the Lanisters.

Lanisters hire mercenaries and consolidate southern Westeros but not Dorn.

The north defends the Dreadfort but is outmaneuvered by Lanister forces arriving by sea.

Theon finds his uncle and challenges him to single combat, and beats him with his amazing inability to be stunned by knees to the groin. They both die from ridiculous overuse of head-butt attacks with no helmets on, and Theon’s sister takes over the Iron fleet.

Lanister army is in a position to win (if Daenerys’ forces weren’t taken out in the North, they are by surprise wildfire), but Jamie made friends in the north, and with the help of Jamie, Theon’s sister (who possibly rescues and fools around with the Dornish queen, unless the Dornish queen dies trying to kill Cersei first), the Onion Knight, Tyrion and Varys, the Hound and Arya sneak in and take out the Mountain and Cersei. Jamie probably dies along the way, leaving the Lanisters leaderless.

Gendry for king.

Daenerys lays an egg.

(Just a guess.)

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@Zaku No worse than anything D&D could write.

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The little man becomes king. I’ve never watched any GoT.

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Brienne of Tarth falls for the charms of the wildling Tormund, and they run off to have giant, bearded babies.

Tyrion gets to die of old age in his own bed.

That’s the only ending I need.

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More characters will die, and get fucked.

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Yeah—we poor non-fans are gonna get real sick having to hear about it.

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And in the recent episode of “knights and magic”, Ernesti takes his newly finished Ikaruga and is slicing enemy mecha into pieces. Delicious robot action.

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@ragingloli – in that order?

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Somebody will (once again) go back in time through the stones, and stand in line to fall in love with Jamie Frazer. Then…..

(what ?.....That’s ‘Outlander’, not ‘Game of Thrones’ ??)


Anyway, my wife and her sister (and our son in Calif) will discuss all of the throne-fighting and romantic goings-on over the phone so loudly that I can hardly hear Andy and Barney and Aunt Bee dispensing all of that good old down-home, horse-sense wisdom (which is all that any of us really needs…)

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@elbanditoroso Ya, if they want to reclaim some shock, they could start showing the army of the dead not just standing around, but getting frisky with each other.

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@Zaku “I want to jump your bones!”???

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Danny gives birth to her great nephew who has that special dragon blood and the Dragons have baby eggs hidden away for the next Targaryen.
Everyone dies. Except for the Tyrian and Varis sail away with, the new Targaryen baby, and dragon eggs and the young girl slave. Never to return to kings landing. Bran finds out that the only way to kill the White Walkers is to become one of the leaders of the white walkers and get killed. Only he won’t do it as a white walker and Aria has to use the blade her gave her.
Cerci is murdered by Jamie after he sees her give birth to a dwarf and murders it because of her hate for Tyrion. And her half dead beast kills Jamie.

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Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon, Heiress to the throne of Cintra, Heiress to Inis Ard Skellig and Inis An Skellig, Princess of Brugge, Duchess of Sodden, Suzerain of Attre and Abb Yarra, steps out of a portal and tells everyone that winter is no longer coming, because she just defeated the White Frost following the defeat of Eredin Bréacc Glas, King of the Wild Hunt.

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Read the book!!!

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Hopefully the shite will be consigned to the dustbin of history never to be seen or heard of again.

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@YARNLADY We are well beyond the current published books.

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I am genuinely surprised at the level of animosity towards this show.

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@filmfann No animosity. I actually enjoy the show. I just hate the very, very long waits. 18 month wait for the finale. In 18 months most of us could be dead. Hell, some of the cast could be dead. I get pissed at any show that has such a ridiculous long wait. I remember a series of books that I had started to read. The writer took 2 years between books. I had to re-read the first book to remember all the characters and where they left off. By the end of the second book I quit. It was going to be another untold amount of time before the 3rd book was going to come out. All three are out now. I never read the third one and never will. Pissed me off when the writer said he wasn’t sure when the next book will be out. I get it. It’s not easy to write a whole novel. But if you are going to do anything in series. I think a writer should already have and idea of where they want the story to go in general. And then work out the details in between. Sometimes I think they have no freaken idea how or where the story was going. Like the show Lost. Started out mysterious and great and then ended so stupendously stupid. A very lame ending. I think people fear that GOT will do the same thing.
Like in the book the Sansa character never married Ramsey. He married someone who looked like her. The book version made more sense.

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