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Does the following device say you were asleep when you were just not moving?

Asked by flo (10896points) September 8th, 2017

Fitbit is the device, or anything else that maybe out there as competition. Is it just a one time thing that got fixed?

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I have one from Sony, and I set the night time from 12 till 8 AM.
During these hours, when the band doesn’t detect movement it assumes I am asleep.
When there’s slight movement it assumes I am in a light sleep.
I feel it is pretty accurate.
During day time, when it doesn’t detect movement, it does not register it as sleep.

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Yep. Once in a while it would say I was asleep when watching a show and being semi conscious on the sofa or laying very still. My fit bit would say I was awake sometimes when I was asleep. I suppose it means I’m a restless sleeper. According to fit bit I would average only 5 to 4 hours asleep during a 7 hour sleep period. Sometimes it would even say I only got 3 hours total. Which I found strange since my husband would’ve definitely noticed if I moved a lot. I did notice I slept better without the watch on. So I figure, that maybe I was restless because I normally don’t sleep with anything other than PJ/s on. I don’t sleep with jewelry or watches on. It would take longer for me to fall asleep with the watch on. After deciding to not sleep with the watch, my sleep improved. It registers your heart beat. Often when I would wake up, my heart rate was between 62 and 72. I think at 80 it would think I was awake.

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I have a Fitbit. It never measured my sleep that accurately

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