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Eye Twitching and now lip twitching - can this just be caused by tiredness?

Asked by tan253 (2312points) September 9th, 2017

Hi All,
On-going debarkle with me.
So as you know I’ve had an eye lid twitch for months, now it only twitches when someone touches it or my hair gets in it, or water, when I wash my face etc, otherwise it pretty much is ok, but now my LIP has started twitching, I thought hemifacial spasm but the lip twitch is on the opposite side to my eye twitch so it can’t be that, as hemi means one-half, not two opposing halves.
I have been to Dr’s, Optometrists and most recently – say a week ago, a neurologist. The neurologist did a full neuro exam and asked lots of questions and played with my face a lot, he saw the twtich as well – he touched my eye to make it twitch and at the end of it all he said, ‘it’s just a twitch, myokymia. Now I’ve got an lip twitch and I’ve been reading this “Eyelid myokymia, typically a benign condition, may rarely evolve into facial myokymia reflective of underlying brainstem disease.” – like MS I’m guessing.
He said as I was leaving that my eye twitch is not neurological and my exam revealed nothing out of the ordinary. Now I’m asking here as you lot are fairly logical – what would you do in my situation? Get a second and very expensive opinion, go back to the Dr or just forget about it and wait to see what else happens?
Thanks, guys, I’m so over this and my anxiety is now sky high making it hard for me to do normal things. Sorry it’s so long.

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I should say the lip twitch is not intermittent it’s constant – like someone is constantly yanking my top right lip, I get twitches elsewhere on my body as well but this is weird… something to me, doesn’t feel right.

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Stress overload can make one twitch.

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I’m so stressed but seriously – can it do that? The day before my lip started twitching i did have a breakdown and was crying all day but I’ve done that before without a lip twitch!

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It’s, most likely a stress/anxiety reaction. nervous tics, twitching. If it is an all of a sudden thing that just came on then go see your doc asap.

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Well, it’s definitely all of a sudden it just came on out of nowhere! Well… if I think about it my lip has been twitching on and off for years but like this like a motor is sitting on my lip and flicking all over the place!
My Dr will ban me soon!
If it were a brain issue I’d have other symptoms I am guessing but not MS?

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@tan253 It’s no secret here that you are a hypochondriac. No offesne intended, just what it is.
Hyper focusing on every little thing will, automatically increase your symptoms via the anxiety you are self producing. I suppose you could have MS or Parkinsons or some other crazy, serious disease but highly unlikely, given your history of imagined health issues IMO.

If your doctor will ban you soon then that just confirms your hypochondriac bent. I think a therapist is going to be more helpful to you than an MD.

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Yeah I know… I can’t help but agree and no you wont offend me, the thing is is that I know I’m a hypochondriac but my mind says ‘Don’t always blame anxiety for things, especially if the symptoms are real’ – I can’t exactly make these twitches happen myself. I wonder if maybe I’m losing some insight into myself and I really am losing it?
I guess if it were MS or Parkinson then there is not much they can do anyway so I should wait and see what else develops.

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@tan253 I feel for you I was a hypochondriac and by the content and tone of your posts you are suffering a great deal. I remember what that shit was like and would not wish it on anyone. I can’t explain how I got over it so I can’t offer you anything but emotional support. For those who don’t know what it is like imagine being told by a doc that you have a terminal disease only you don’t get to go through the stages of grief, you stay at that anxiety-fear point when you have not accepted death and are fearing for your life. Once you get over that something new comes to keep you stirred up.

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Sounds like stress/anxiety/exhaustion is doing a real number on you.

Do you do any mental and/or physical exercises to help with stress reduction?

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I don’t do exercise and yes @ARE_you_kidding_me thats a very accurate description and gave me anxiety reading it!

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No, no! I was hoping to relieve it a little!!!
Exercise helps, that I do know.

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Yes i have a tread mill, I think I need help. Anti depressants and therapy may be a better use of my time rather than another visit to a neurologist.

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I’d recommend exercise that is less goal-oriented. i.e. go for a walk, go for a leisure swim, put music on and dance for 45 minutes. Do stretching exercises, take a dance class.

Exercise for the relaxation, not for the all-out fitness.

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Do something fun it could be mountain biking, wall climbing or hiking. The key to exercise is to find something you will want to do, something that is not just a chore.

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This is not medical advice.

I’m pretty sure if it was me, I would wait at least a couple of months, if not several, before seeing another doctor. That’s because I would be discouraged that they would find something different. I just get so much anxiety going to doctors with no result that it sends me over the edge, so I start avoiding. Not necessarily a good thing. Hopefully, it will resolve while I procrastinate.

If my stress level was high I would ask for some Xanax, maybe just 10 or 15, to calm down when I’m really stressed. I’d do whatever I could to be calmer. Everything from no caffeine to giving whatever responsibilities I can delegate or get rid of away to someone else.

I went through about 8 years of constant, moderate, anxiety, and I truly believe it shortened my life.

Also, this is a weird thing, but when I’m low on vitamin D my muscles hurt and I’m weak, and when I use my muscles a lot in that state, I become anxious. It’s a very obvious connection that I’m sure no one else would think possible, but it’s like it produces some hormone in my body.

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If you are truly interested in finding an answer to this, consult a doctor. Not one person in the whole wide world can adequately and responsibly give a proper diagnosis through a computer screen.

Clue: There maybe something going on that you might want to head off at the pass. The sooner, the better.

See. a. doctor.

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@espiritus – not sure what you mean by your clue? But yes as I said I’m not looking for a diagnoses.

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I would try sleep & relaxation with as little use of video screens of any kind as possible, for at least an entire weekend. Limited reading too – rest your eyes. Eat well, take baths, rest, sleep, go for a walk, bathe, nap, rest, sleep, listen to music, etc.

See if it calms down if you give yourself a lot of rest and sleep.

I’d also do all the other healing techniques I know (meditation, focusing, etc), and see various types of healers, to see if it’s something else, such as being nervous or stressed about something.

If I seemed free of stress and anxiety and was well-rested and still twitching, I’d go back to the neurologist who touched my eye and ask him about the lip, and/or get more doctor opinions.

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Yeah I haven’t done any of that, I’ve googled, and stress and googled some more and stressed and not slept very well and not taken any medications like magnesium or vitamins – I’ve alreaady emailed the neuro to tell him about my lip twitch and already booked a time with the DR… seems I’m good at exacerbating a situation.
I’m also in the middle of an IBS flare that came on after freaking out I had C.Diff, got blood tests and a stool test but they came back fine so just IBS. So obviously I’m a crazy hamster on a crazy wheel right now. – not enjoying life.

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It sounds to me like you have a ton of stress/anxiety and fatigue, and yeah I’ve had those things cause me to twitch and spasm before.

I think you need a bunch of bed rest and relaxation before concluding something more esoteric is causing those twitches.

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@tan253 I think your digestive problems are stress related. It’s very common, and affects women more than men. Men are more likely to have sleep issues, women tend to get diarrhea and shake (from anxiety) and cry a lot.

I hate to be a drug pusher, but if you have not tried an anti-anxiety drug like Xanax, a benzodiazepine that should have a very fast effect. I think you should as a test. It most likely won’t make you tired, it just takes the edge off. Just the lowest mini dose. See if things go more back to normal. If it helps, then work on your stress level. It may calm you down altogether to know everything is likely stress related, because you won’t be so worried you have some dire disease. That drug isn’t for long term use, I’m just suggesting it as a kickstart to feeling better.

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I have gotten facial tics when I am stressed or tired or both. Take some time off work, get plenty of sleep and they may go away.

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I just spoke to the neurologist and he assured me again it’s just a twitch. He seems to think If I start some physiological therapy and start taking antidepressants that it will leave. I guess his professional opinion needs to count for something. My lips are not twitching anymore… just my eye and only when I touch it… so weird. now I’m being OCD about waiting for my lips to blood twitch.

I’ve run out of Xanax @JLeslie! Must go get some more -I think it’s a great idea.

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Oh, wait. When did you run out? Maybe it’s part of withdrawal? Twitching is a reported symptom of Xanax cold turkey withdrawal.

I didn’t remember you used to take it. Did you take it regularly?

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I have health anxiety too it’s a nightmare except I am on the other end of the spectrum to you. I hate going to a doctor I always fear the worst. I’ve had a twitchy eye going on for around 3 months. I saw an optometrist who looked inside of my eye and said without hesitation that it was a ‘dying nerve’. Then told me not to rub it. He said the nerve can take ages to actually die and stop or it can go quickly.

It also sets off with touching, even in the shower it will get a bit of water in it and start.

Some days it just stops dead and doesn’t twitch?

It can drive me around the bend because unlike you, I don’t trust the optometrist but I certainly won’t be going to see anyone else about it. (I’m too chicken). I try and tell myself he looked inside of my eyeball (so much so that I could see my own capillaries inside of the eye – shudder) and I’m going to take his word for it.

I also suffer from IBS and major anxiety issues. Plus, my life is stressful.

I did notice that for two days now it has stopped. I stopped wearing my sleep mask. So far so good. I think that was triggering it? I feel for you. Health anxiety sucks big time.

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oh @LornaLove! That sounds like me! Yes if i shower – the water will get in my eye and then it will twitch!
The optometrist didn’t say a dying nerve but maybe it is – oh I hope it is!
I’m going to PM you. _ I feel such relief hearing that you’ve had it too!

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@JLeslie haven’t had xanax in years but I need it – the twitching is really depressing me.

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Xanax is for anxiety not depression. Maybe an SSRI would be better for you long term. The thing is often SSRI’s usually take a little trial and error. A few Xanax (not at once, I mean over several days) now will give you some instant feedback.

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