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If you've seen any "It's Armageddon!!" comments on Facebook, does it baffle you that they lump the eclipse in with the storms and earthquakes?

Asked by Dutchess_III (40380points) September 9th, 2017

All of it is silly anyway, but the eclipse? Really?

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Half of the population has to have lower than 100 iq. Thats how it works.

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Tradition. Plus even with an explanation, some are forced to dwell on the consequences arising with the loss of the sun.

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Well if Rush Limpballs said it, you know it has to be true. And Rushmiester calls it a conspiracy.

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It’s the modern adult version of Chicken Little. It’s weird. These people are thick as flies on the net, but I’ve never had anyone in real life seriously tell me that we are in the last days, or that these natural occurrences are signs of armageddon. If they had, I would be sorely tempted to stuff them in a weighted gunny sack and boot their asses into the water. Make the world a better place, I say.

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I just took it for granted that the eclipse, savage forest fires and nonstop hurricanes——all are God’s retribution for the election of Trump. What possible other explanation can there be?

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Yes, especially since they left out the two headed snake.

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Well. One guy told me he expected earthquakes around the time of the eclipse. His reasoning? He said the the Sun, and Moon aligned would have a sort of focused gravitational pull… Let’s just say that I disagreed… His fears were no doubt stoked by Internet “news.”

The trick, is giving the story a sprinkle of scientific data, that makes some sense… I suppose this is effective because some strange things do have strange explanations…

Certainly. It would be wise to take everything you see online with a grain of salt…

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I don’t know, but armageddon tired of all this chicken little, doom and gloom in the world.

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People have been seeing the end times at hand since Revelations was written. They can see it with their very own eyes, happening at this moment and anyone who denies it is blind, stupid and lost forever.

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Well, one mans Revelation is another mans mushroom trip. Personally, I have always thought that John the Revelator was on some heavy drugs, but there ain’t much to do when you’re exiled to some crappy island anyway.

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I somehow got entangled on a Christian thread. It started with a woman saying, “How many of you are tired of this struggle on earth and are ready to go live in our TRUE home, with Jesus?!”
All kinds of amens and praise Jesus.
I’m like…Jesus Christ!
I said, “Well, I have too many people here on this earth who would miss me horribly. I couldn’t do that to them, if I had a choice.”
Finally some guy chimed in, quoting some Bible verse: “I desire to depart and be with Christ, which is better by far; but it is more necessary for you that I remain in the body. Convinced of this, I know that I will remain, and I will continue with all of you for your progress and joy in the faith,
Philippians 1:23‭-‬25”
I dryly said, “I say that to my little grandchildren and children all the time.”
So I said, “It scares the shit out of them, actually.”
Well, all of that went right over the dipshit’s head, and he just started preaching, so I left.

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Like cultists, almost.

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The idea is, there are two total eclipses exactly seven years apart (the “Tribulation” period) and the path of both eclipses cross on the San Andreas fault in the States.

That, coupled with natural disasters and worldwide political upheaval, so much of it involving the Middle East and the U.S. siding with so many of our enemies (Iran in the previous administration—who was anti-Israel, and Iran’s support of North Korea.

I don’t particularly ascribe to the view that these are the seven years of the Tribulation but I can certainly understand why so many people hope or wish that they are. If you really want to know what those who ascribe to this view are thinking, watch TBN or Daystar or some Christian cable network. They may be wrong, they may be deluded, but they aren’t stupid. You can at least come to an understanding to the theology, numbers, and world occurrences behind this viewpoint.

I do not ascribe to this point of view. When the end-times or Tribulation arrive, you will definitely know it and I don’t think you’ll be mocking. You’ll be hiding in the rocks.

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I won’t call them wrong or deluded, to each his own, but they are morbid, with all of this, gee I hope the world ends today bull crap. Count me out. It might be a shitty world, but it’s the only one we’ve got.

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Well, they’re “wrong”@NomoreY_A, in that an eclipse is not an unpredictable, random act of God, unlike multiple hurricanes and earthquakes. Also, they have nothing what so ever to do with contributing to the creation of hurricanes and storms. They have no effect on the earth at all, except for possibly an minute, unmeasurable change in gravity. Oh, and temps drop a few degrees for a few seconds.

@Yellowdog what’s the point of hiding anywhere?? It’ll all be gone before you can get there.
And I do “understand” the theology. God, I lived it for 40 years. It’s total superstition.

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@Dutchess_III Agreed. While as an agnostic, I can’t completely rule out a higher power of some sort, I can be reasonably sure that that power, if it exists, is not Bible God. Yahweh is an invention of Early Bronze Age donkey nomads. In the same sense that Zeus and Apollo were inventions of the early Dorian Greeks.

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And if a higher power exists then he created everything, threw physics in then walked away!

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maybe he just created the physics, then walked away.

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Maybe he walked away, and made his pal Satan toss everything together. Satan owed him money from a Cosmic billiards game, and agreed to work it off. Just speculating here.

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That too @stanleybmanly!

I don’t believe any force is in charge of our destiny or our experiences. Not Satan, not angels, not spirits and not God.

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Dutchess III The “Hiding in the Rocks” reference I made is Revelation 6:15 —which I assume is in context to the question.

I guess other Q&A sites have detractors but I can’t understand why people will ask a question then bash those who answer it.

If these were the end tines/Armageddon, believe me, you’d know it. And people WILL be attempting to hide in the rocks (Revelation 6:15). They won’t be mocking and their demise will increase over the apocalyptic/tribulation period although it is already too late for them.

I think these questions are spawned because some of you are afraid this is Armageddon— natural disasters and eclipses, blood moons, and perhaps some of you realize you are really NOT on the side of the Judeo-Christian God and certainly not New Testament Christians. and have elected and supported anti-Israeli world leaders.

Either its all a bout of ergot as another thread suggests or a time of reconning is near—but if this was Armageddon (and I don’t believe it is) —you would KNOW it.

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Yawn…I’m not afraid of a myth. And I can’t understand how people who call themselves Christians, could support a scum bag like Trump. At times I almost with all that End Times Anti Christ bug bear crap were true. If for no other reason, than having a good laugh when so many holier than thou jerks get a one way ticket to hell. An Antichrist type could take over in the US with no need of force. All he need do is run for POTUS on a Republican ticket, with a platform of hate immigrants, hate gays, hate Dems, hate liberals. Christians would fall into step behind him and never even know they were being had.

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You sound like you are Hillary’s ghost writer.

Thanks for the display.

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No prob, the truth really hurts, doesn’t it?

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No, the question was “spawned” @Yellowdog because I really can’t figure out how some people could lump an eclipse in with the end times, like an eclipse has some mysterious force or power.

I can understand why some are freaking out about multiple hurricanes because they are uncontrollable and unpredictable, and it’s odd (I think it’s probably due to man made global warming) but an eclipse?

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